The 3 Best Pelican ramx Kayak Review

Last Updated on March 25, 2022

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Are you a newbie paddler? Are you looking for the best Pelican Kayak for fishing, kayaking, and recreation?

A good quality pelican kayak is a great item that every type of paddler should have to stay safe from rock, waves, and adverse weather at the water. Plus, the pelican kayak offers more amenities like the greatest stability and maneuverability. 

In this pelican kayak review, you will get some high-performance Pelican Kayaks suitable. And it would be best for both beginner and expert paddlers. So, keep reading until the end. 

Quick Answer – Top 3 best Pelican Kayak

  1. Pelican Sentinel 100X Best For Begineers (Both Kids and Adults)
  2. Pelican Argo 100XBest Stable Kayak on Flatwater
  3. Pelican RecreationalBest For Kids
TitleType & UseFeaturesIncludePrice
Pelican Sentinel 100XSit-on-Top (Fishing / Recreational / Beginner)Length: 10 foot, Width: 30 inches
Weight: 42 pounds, Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
A paddle and a seat Check Price
Pelican Argo 100XSit-in (Flat water / Recreational / Kids)​Length: 10 foot, ​Width: 28 inches
​Weight: 36 pounds 5 ounces, Weight Capacity: 275 pounds
A padded seat, a paddle, drain plug & storageCheck Price
Pelican Argo 100XRSit-in (Fishing / Recreational / Beginner)​Length: 120 in, ​Width: 29 in
​Weight: 42 lbs, Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
A portable seatCheck Price
Best Sit-In kayak for kids
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After extensive research, here is a review of the three best Pelican Kayaks for paddlers and anglers. Our top picks will help you to figure out the best pelican kayak. 

1. Pelican Sit-on-Top Kayak Sentinel 100X – Fishing Kayak

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The Pelican Sit-on-Top Sentinel 100X Kayak is undoubtedly excellent for recreational paddlers. It is suitable for those who demand unworried kayaking in any season and water flow.

Also, note that it provides exciting features like a pet-friendly anti-slip carpet. Moreover, bungee-corded removable storage and a twin-arched multi-chine hull are included with this device. 


The dimension of the product is 114 × 30 × 11 inches, and the weight is approximately 42 pounds. Its maximum capacity is 275 lb. And the maximum capacity of the removable storage section is 13L. 

Key features:

  • This kayak is lightweight, durable, solid, and buoyant due to its high molecular polyethylene material. 
  • Having a multi-chine flat bottom hall that ensures stability and improved speed in fishing.
  • The angling and fishing accessories make the waterside adventures convenient and enjoyable. 
  • The adjustable sitting system provides a comfortable ride and an ergonomic design. It allows users to carry their preferred stuff. 

What customers are saying?

We love this Kayak; especially Pelican ramx kayak price is bearable for all. Moreover, it has an open design, adjustable seats, flexibility, a shallow cup holder, and convenient handles. It is the perfect product for sturdy yet smooth and bump-free paddling. 

However, we don’t like the hooks near the paddling area since they caused our skin to tear apart. And people with back problems suffer due to its hard seat. 

If you are a beginner kayaker and are ready for fishing then Pelican Sentinel 100X is the right choice.

Pelican Kayak Woman
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2. Pelican Sit-in Kayak – Argo 100X one person Kayak

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The Argo 100X Sit-in Kayak satisfies recreational paddlers by letting them do onshore exploring. Its features are almost the same as the Sentinel 100X Sit-on-Top Kayak, but it does something different. It pays extra attention to the physical comfortless of the paddlers. 


This Kayak comes with a dimension of 120 × 28 × 14 inches and weighs only 36 lb. it can carry 275 lbs. of weight maximum. 

Key features: 

  • The front storage hatch with bungee cord and rear tank with mech deck cover is beneficial for packing necessary stuff. 
  • It provides a spacious cockpit table with convenient compartments to sit comfortably inside the Kayak. 
  • The two holes in the mesh area work as drainage for unwanted liquids getting in there. 
  • It has two bottle holders, an adjustable padded backrest, and cushioned seat. These ensure our-long tireless boating with proper hydration. 

What customers are saying? 

The lightweight Pelican Argo 100X Kayak attracts us more with its stability, and it does not flip down when we want to get out of the water. Also, it runs straight in water in any circumstance, especially in windy weather.

The biggest problem we have found is that its adjustable footrests, which the manufacturers brag about, are fixed in reality. 

For those who are most concerned about stability then Argo 100X is the best to over the fear.

3. Pelican Recreational Sit-in Kayak Argo 100XR

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In short, the Argo 100XR Recreational Kayak is the best suitable for the most demanding paddlers. On the one hand, it comes with top-notch convenience, quality, and comfort.

But, ergonomic carrying handles, double storage benefits, and bottle rooms increase the fun of fishing.


The dimension of the product is 120 × 29 × 12.75 inches, and the weight is 42 lb. Its maximum capacity is 300 lb. 

Key features:

  • The combination of RAM-X PREMIUM material and advanced resin make it rigid and lightweight. 
  • Its ERGOCOAST portable seat lets paddlers remove and use it for multi-purposes. 
  • Inclusions like adjustable footrests and premium knee pads ensure the best comfort for the legs. 
  • The two 1-inch rigging tracks for mounting cameras or other accessories add another level of fun. 

What customers are saying?

Since this Kayak offers comfortable padded knee pads and an adjustable seat, we find it useful for our elders. Besides, the bottle cage and bottle holder are cute and handy.

Argo 100XR is best for the kids (5 years to 12 years) and short people.

What to consider before buying a pelican kayak

An ideal pelican kayak can make your kayaking trip more enjoyable and safer. Pelican is a credible brand that has been producing high-quality Kayak for years after years.

Here are some features of the popular pelican kayak that will help you to know which pelican kayak is best?


Considering the kayak performance is the first condition to get the best Kayak. And performance is related to maneuverability, stability, durability, and speed.

At the same time, it would be better to consider the paddling steer power of a pelican kayak. Moreover, it is important to consider the pelican ramx kayak weight limit. 


Versatility increases the popularity of pelican kayak. For example, the pelican has released traditional, professional, and recreational Kayak. Each is special depending on user demand. 


A kayak naturally has to face several adverse conditions when you are transporting it or storing it on the truck bed. So, durability is essential to meet all challenging conditions. Besides, a durable kayak can effortlessly long-last over after years.

So, make sure about the construction material. Also, note that most of the pelican kayak is made from military-grade and premium-quality materials. 

Sit-In Vs. Sit-On-Top:

Like a traditional Kayak, a pelican kayak also comes with two individual design sit-in and sit-on-top Kayak.

The sit-in pelican is designed with a cockpit inside the boat, and this type of sit reduces the center gravity and increases stability. A spray skirt works best to prevent water splashes around the Kayak. 

So, sit on top pelican has not had any fixed cockpit, but it has a larger room that easily gets in and out. These types of models are generally longer than other models and suitable for warmer water. 

Solo Or Tandem:

Tandem kayak is comparatively heavier weight and longer in size. So, it would be tricky to carry by yourself. And a solo kayak is shorter in size and lightweight. So, if possible, then you can go with a tandem kayak. 

The back storage hatch has enough room but is not waterproof, which is disappointing for us. Plus, the material is vulnerable to scratches and dents. 

Types Of Pelican Kayaks

Pelican brand released different types of kayaks depending on customer requirements and demand. 

1. Fishing pelican:

The fishing pelican is designed with added durability and stability. As well as, it comes with plenty of room because there are several fishing accessories. Especially, you will get some pelican kayak for better standing and casting.

2. Recreational:

Recreational pelican comes with a lightweight, attractive, and easy-to-access design. Remember that recreational pelican is a bit less durable to fight against adverse weather. But these are notably more affordable than other pelican models. 

3. Tandem:

A Tandem pelican is used for longer tracking, and it is available in both sit-in and sit-on-top designs. Also, note that tandem performs fast and better in tracking.

Also, note that the tandem pelican is longer and heavier, so it is tricky to store. 

4. Kids:

Pelican especially thought about the kids and made some amazing kayaks for kids. Kids pelican comes with adjustable length and width.

Besides, this Kayak will be comfortable, enjoyable, and accessible to the kids. However, it is not a high performer but safe for kids. 

5. Performance:

Pelican has some special kayaks that are made based on the performance. These kayaks are more durable, stable, and can perform for a long time.


Are pelican kayaks worth it?

Yes, pelican kayaks are a worthy choice for beginners and inexperienced kayakers. Because it is the best stable Kayak ever.

So, the beginner feels comfortable using this and can improve their skills gradually. 

Which pelican kayak is the most stable?

The Pelican Icon 100XP Angler is the most stable Kayak of the pelican series. This Kayak promises to ensure your comfort and joy in rougher water conditions. Moreover, it is easier to operate, control, and maintain.

Is pelican peak 100 a good kayak?

Yes, pelican peak 100 is a good kayak for beginners. It is also known as a recreational kayak with enough traction, stability, and larger room. 

Are pelican paddles good?

Yes, pelican paddles are good for multiple widths kayak and different height paddlers. It has an adjustment system between 10-12 cm. This paddle shaft is made of durable aluminum. 

Watch a Short Video on Pelican Sentinel 100X Sit-on-Top Recreational Kayak From Pelican International

Final thoughts:

We hope you have got all the required information about the best Pelican ramx Kayak review guide. Now you can choose any kayak among these three since they are well bunched. However, do good research to know more essential tips before you buy a Pelican kayak. 

Any thoughts or questions regarding the guide? Then let us know and receive answers from us. In the future, we will update this write-up so that you can know more about the products.

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