Pungo 105 vs 120 | Detailed Comparison, Pros & Cons

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Looking for Pungo 105 for sale but not sure which one to take among the Pungo 105 and 120. Well, both of the kayaks are good for kayaking and come with almost similar features.

But, there are some dissimilarities between the two models from PUNGO. So who will win the Pungo 105 vs 120 battle?

You will see the differences between Pungo 105 and 120 so that you can make a decision to choose the perfect one for you.

Again, it will help you to know more about these two kayaks and their features. You will also get a comparison table and a detailed comparison. So, let’s start-

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What is wilderness systems Pungo 105 Kayak?

This is a beautiful kayak and durable. Again, this kayak comes with various features also. However, let’s see what you will get from this kayak-

  • Tight chines
  • Small cockpit opening like an IK (kayaks that are harder for smaller kayakers to enter and exit)
  • Good room in the cockpit for storage; lots of space under the deck and behind the seat (backband) for food and equipment storage
  • Tall kayak with a flat deck
  • Like the kayak was designed by kayakers.
  • Cheap, at around $800 or so new from most stores that sell kayaks for this price range.

wilderness systems Pungo 105

What is wilderness systems Pungo 120 Kayak?

The kayak is a Pungo-series kayak made by Wilderness Systems. It was the kayak designed to replace the highly successful and well-known Tarpon 120 kayak.

It features a stable, predictable, and efficient performance in both calm and rough conditions. The kayak has two large hatches for access to ample storage space as well as a large open storage area at the bow of the kayak.

The kayak is made from Tarpon 120 kayaks, which were known for their durability and stability. The kayak has fishing rod holders, a beverage holder, and an adjustable seat back to make kayaking more convenient.

The kayak’s hull is designed to be more efficient and quick than kayaks in its class. It has stability and weight capacity compared to most kayaks on the market today.

Wilderness Systems PUNGO 120

Comparison Table

Pungo 105Pungo 120
1. It weighs 47 pounds.1. It weighs 49 pounds.
2. Maximum capacity is 300 pounds2. Maximum capacity is 325 pounds
3. Its length is 10.6 inches3. Its length is 12.2 inches
4. Don’t have extra storage4. Comes with extra storage
wilderness systems Pungo 120 Kayak
source: unsplash.com

The Detailed Comparison of Pungo 105 vs 120

If you are a kayak enthusiast, then surely you’ve heard about kayaks from Wilderness Systems. This company manufactures kayaks that have been proven to be popular and reliable by kayakers around the world.

Let’s take a look at two of their best kayaks: Pungo 105 vs Pungo 120. The comparison between these two kayaks is based on the features you can find in these kayaks.

The Pungo kayak from Wilderness Systems is one of their most popular kayaks out there. It made its way to the kayakers’ top kayaks list because of its stability and maximum kayaking space, which are two factors that a kayaker looks for in kayaks.

This kayak is made of polyethylene, which makes it durable enough to use in the roughest waters. However, there are some differences among the models of PUNGO KAYAKS. Let’s explore the differences between Pungo 105 and 120 models-

About Pungo 120

Wilderness Systems PUNGO 120 | Sit Inside Recreational Kayak

The Pungo 120 kayak is 17 feet 6 inches in length, which makes its kayaking space 72″ long by 20″ wide. It has an ample amount of storage space that can be found underneath the seat, including dry compartments to store things like keys and wallets while kayaking.

It is equipped with a kayak paddle rest and a sprayskirt. The kayak also features the famous Phase 3 air seating system, which provides kayakers support as they kayak for hours on end.

It can accommodate paddlers that weigh up to 300 pounds or those who are 5’8″ tall. The kayak also has built-in carrying handles, which make it more comfortable to carry around.

The kayak is available in the striking color of red and blue, with 30% more gel coat on top for extra kayaking space.

The Pungo 120 kayak provides kayakers with an extensive kayaking space in that they can enjoy kayaking. Other kayaks don’t even come close to the kayaking space that Pungo kayak offers its kayakers.

The kayak is also equipped with a large number of storage compartments so you can store your things in them while kayaking, including dry compartments to protect wet items from becoming damaged when kayaking in waves or rivers with strong currents.

About Pungo 105

In Pungo 105 review, the Pungo 105 kayak has many of the features that kayakers love about the Pungo 120 kayak, but it does not have a lot of other features that can be found in Pungo 120 kayak.

The kayak weighs 54 pounds with all gears, which makes it a lot lighter than Pungo 120 kayak.

The kayak is only 17 feet in length and 20 inches wide, so if kayakers are small or have a petite build, they may find the kayaking space of Pungo 105 kayak to be enough for them.

The kayak also comes with a paddle rest and spray skirt, kayaker air support system with two built-in backrests instead of the Phase 3 air seating system that comes in Pungo 120 kayak.

If kayakers’ kayaking speed is not an issue for them, getting Pungo 105 kayak may be a good option since it’s cheaper than Pungo 120 kayak, and kayakers who kayak in oceans or calm kayaking waters won’t need a lot of kayaking space.

Where did Pungo 105 lose?

The Pungo 105 has some limitations. If you’re kayaking for trout in a pond, the Pungo might not be right for you. The kayak itself performs well.

The seat is comfortable and adjustable and has good lumbar support. It also moves very smoothly through the water with little resistance even at faster speeds but in small water areas, it doesn’t perform that well.

Where did Pungo 120 lose?

The Pungo 120 has also some limitations like the Pungo 105. The kayak is not suitable for paddlers over 210 pounds. The kayak does not track well and it is better to paddle kayaks with a bow and stern rudder.

The kayak also has some problems in big windy conditions because it can be blown from side to side even with the kayak paddle.

Pungo 105 vs 120: The Winner

Among the Pungo 105 and Pungo 120, I will choose the Pungo 120 kayak.

  • The kayak is a sport kayak. It is most likely a kayak that will be used for kayaking on the ocean, or in a lake with high waves.
  • While the Pungo 105 is also good for fishing, it does not have many accessories such as rod holders and extra storage.
  • The kayak is pretty lightweight as kayaks go, but the kayak has a good capacity for those who want to kayak long distances or carry lots of additional gear on it.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have understood the difference between the Pungo 105 and 120 and have come to a conclusion to choose the suitable one. Price is a major factor while choosing a suitable product and you need to make sure of your necessity also.