I have been kayaking since 2015 and possess 5 kayaks (one Tandem, one Touring, and three fishing kayaks) from Sevylor, Intex, Lifetime. Every summer, I planned a kayaking vacation with my family.

Thomas A Johnson

A variety of kayaks having a great impact and earns many ratings from kayak lovers. I know, picking a kayak among those quite hard for beginners. Especially, newbies have many doubts about kayak length, weight, safety issues, space, and most importantly a comfortable ride. How they are going to choose their kayaks, what they need to is my concern and that feelings make me towards blogging.

So, kayak lovers don’t worry, I am here to help you with kayakspy.com to make you from zero to hero. Also, keep eye on my social networks, I share tips through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit. Not only the resources I researched about kayaking but also other kayaking blogs or whenever I got something interesting on magazines, forums, etc.

Continue reading all the articles and let me know what’s your opinion about my blog.

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Thomas A. Johnson