Pungo 125 vs Tsunami 125 | Comparison, Features, Pros & Cons

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Are you confused about choosing the perfect kayak between the Pungo 125 and the Tsunami 125? These two kayaks are best in their categories, and most likely, they are similar as they offer the comparatively same features. But, there are some differences, and I will sort out Pungo 125 vs Tsunami 125 today. 

Most fishing lovers or surfing lovers love to have the best kayak that is suitable to operate. Again, they want a light-weighted kayak to make it more portable. However, choosing the best kayak is not an easy task.

So, I will help you by providing every detail about the Pungo 125 and Tsunami 125 to decide to make the most suitable one. You will also get the comparison table and detailed comparison between the Pungo 125 and Tsunami 125 reviews. So, Let’s start.

Wilderness Systems Pungo 125 (Best Sit-In Recreation Kayak)

Wilderness Systems Pungo 125 | Sit Inside Recreational Kayak

Industry friends of mine have been buzzing about a new/old kayak recently and I thought it will be nice to share it with you all. The Pungo 125 is the reincarnation of the original Pungo 120 that we had more than 10 years ago.

This boat was very popular then and disappeared after Perception changed its name to Prijon. Before I got into kayak fishing, I never had a chance to paddle one of these boats back then.

However, the new Pungo 125 is not just an old classic with a name change, it has its own unique features that set it apart from other recreational sit-on-tops on the market today.

The 125, like its predecessor, the 120, is designed to be an all-around kayak. It is wide and stable but still has decent speed for a boat of this size.

wilderness system kayak
A man riding a wilderness system kayak

The Pungo 125 comes standard with several features that make it stand out in this class of recreational kayaks: bow hatch (very important), comfortable seat back, well-placed foot braces, good deck rigging, and a molded skeg to help with tracking.

It also has a couple of other things that I don’t really care for but they are not deal-breakers by any means.

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125 (Best Touring Kayak)

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125 | Sit Inside Touring Kayak

Tsunami 125 is a beginner board that was designed to give people the opportunity to experience surfing in both small and large conditions.

Its wide point forward on the front foot gives it extra stability while also allowing you to paddle faster, while the hard edges provide great hold when carving down the line.

The Pungo has many features, including a little less nose rocker, rolled bottom contour, pulled-in swallow tail for extra hold-on turns, and a flatter deck profile.

The Pungo is a great board for anyone looking to have an all-around surf experience. This board has been used by beginners to people who surf every day to get out into larger waves.

Its stability and wide nose will hold you in when paddling into bigger waves, while its shorter length makes it easy to catch and quick to get on the wave. It has a pulled-in swallowtail, which helps with carving turns and controlling speed.

The wide point forward on the front footpad gives you extra stability while paddling and even provides extra lift when carving down the line.

Comparison Table of Pungo 125 vs Tsunami 125

Pungo 125Tsunami 125
1. Weight capacity is 425 lbs.1. Weight capacity is 300 lbs.
2. Weight of the kayak is 53 lbs.2. Weight of the kayak is 51 lbs.
3. Adjustable seat is of Phase 3 air Pro.3. Also have the Phase 3 air Pro adjustable seat.
4. Color: Fossil Tan4. Color: Eclipse
5. Less stable in heavy waves.5. This kayak is more stable.
6. It is more expensive.6. It is less expensive.

wilderness systems Kayak
source: unsplash.com

The Detailed Comparison of Pungo 125 vs Tsunami 125

The same manufacturer, Wilderness Systems, makes this kayak. The kayaks are very similar in all aspects except for a few dimensions and their kayak weight.

The kayaks are both kayaks made for family or recreational purposes. These weight capacities. The Pungo kayak is 8 inches longer than the Tsunami kayak, with 130 lbs more load capacity, making it more suitable for large people or participating in heavy-duty kayaking activities.

However, kayakers under the weight of 230 pounds should not try to kayak over a kayak with a load capacity of 250 pounds or risk losing control and stability of their kayaks.

Kayakers who kayak in the sea often choose to have kayaks that have more length because it gives them a more stable kayak when kayaking in waves.

A tsunami kayak has a higher kayak weight of about 44 pounds, while a Pungo kayak only weighs 40 pounds. 

Price comparison

The Pungo kayak is a more expensive kayak, with a higher kayak price in kayaking stores. The difference in kayak prices is about $200, making the Pungo kayak cost around $50 more than the Tsunami kayak.

The reason why the Pungo kayak is more expensive lies in the additional features that it has. The Pungo kayak has an extra storage compartment, a larger kayak seat, and a backrest that makes it more comfortable for kayakers to kayak in this kayak compared to the Tsunami kayak.

Material Comparison

Pungo kayaks are made from a kayaking material called “composite”. Composite is a material that is made from kayaking material that is very durable and long-lasting. This kayak material can resist kayaking damage, such as scratches and chips in kayaks. 

On the other hand, Tsunami kayaks are made from a kayaking material called “polyethylene”. Polyethylene is a kayaking material that is the most widely used kayaking material in kayaks because it is strong and durable kayaking material.


The Pungo kayak and the Tsunami kayak are kayaks that have almost the same kayak weight capacity and kayak length, but they differ in their kayak seat, storage compartment, and kayaking material. These kayak features make the kayaks different in kayak price and kayaking material.

Where did Pungo 125 lose?

The kayak category is a pretty crowded place, but the Pungo 125 did not stand out. It displayed many of the strengths that kayaks possess, namely stability with sufficient initial and secondary stability to weather large waves. It should have more initial stability than a small kayak.

I feel this kayak should not be suitable against the strong waves, and if you are thinking of taking this one when you need to be careful about the waves.

One more drawback of this kayak is that after long-term use, the thermoplastic elements begin to crack around the kayak. But, the good thing is you will get a warranty from the manufacturer.

However, people buy a product and expect to use it for a long time. So, I think in building material and stability features this kayak lost. 

Where did Tsunami 125 lose?

You may see Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125 in stock available and ready for sale, but you should know that most customers get a scratched kayak, claiming the kayak as a dirty one.

However, you may get a fresh kayak, but the color is a real mess. Though the manufacturers wanted to offer different cool colors (Eclipse), the users seemed not interested in accepting them. So, for the outlook and design, this kayak loses its position. 

Pungo 125 vs Tsunami 125: The winner

It’s very hard to select a winner from these two very similar products. They have similar specifications and features. But, I am here to make a recommendation by facing out the Winner.

According to my opinion – the Pungo 125 is the winner as it is more user-oriented and offers the best kayaking experience. You will also get a warranty on this product. 

However, the winner doesn’t make any difference between these two products. You can also go for Tsunami 125 when you think about your personal opinion. So, do not change your opinion while you are thinking that a certain product will be best for you.


Kayaking is a good habit, and it helps people to enjoy the best water’s surface. When you are in a kayak you will feel like you are floating just near the water.

So far, it’s about choosing the best kayak between the Pugo 125 and Tsunami 125. You should go with the comfort and your own opinion. Hopefully, the Pungo 125 vs. Tsunami 125 article has helped you to make a better choice.