What accessories should I buy for my kayak? (15 Lists)

For anyone that is planning on getting a kayak, there are many kayaking accessories that need to purchase in order to make your experience more enjoyable and safe. Some of these items include paddles, life jackets, and a dry bag.

Let’s have a look at a list of 15 kayaking accessories.

Kayak paddle

When it comes to paddles, there are many different types available for you to choose from. Some people prefer the traditional kayak paddle which is made up of two pieces of wood with fabric stretched across them.

Other people like to use a paddle that is made of a single piece of wood with only a water-proof coating.

For people who are looking for a kayak paddle that is easier to maneuver, then the single piece of the wooden paddle is the better option for you.

PFD or Life Jacket

Water sports, such as kayaking and rafting, are popular for their exhilarating and scenic views while on the water. However, there are many risks involved in these activities that can result in injury or even death.

Life jackets are essential for offshore and open water kayaking. PFDs, also known as life jackets, are designed to help keep you afloat and safe if the worst happens.

If you plan to go kayaking with others it is very important to make sure that all people wear a PFD before they get on the water. There are many brands and styles of PFDs that suit different people’s needs.

Life Jacket

Wet suit

The change in season from summer to fall can mean different things for those who enjoy kayaking or other water sports. Well, the main reason why you should wear a wet suit is to keep you warm and comfortable as you enjoy your favorite pastime!

Wet suits are designed with a neoprene material that not only keeps you warm but also helps protect against sunburns and heat exhaustion.

Kayak rudder pedals

Kayak rudder pedals are a device that attaches to the kayak and allow easy control of the kayak. This device is mainly used by beginners who have trouble balancing, as it makes it easier to control the direction of the kayak.

Known for their durability, these pedals are made out of tough plastic that will not break easily in case they fall in the water.

Dry bags

Dry bags are a convenient and useful way to store any kayaking or boating equipment that you take with you. A dry bag is a bag that can be closed and used as a backpack, but it is designed to be completely waterproof and has airtight compartments.


However, with the advent of technology, some may think that technology is making it too easy for us to end up lost or stuck in a creek. GPS systems for kayaking would help give people peace of mind when they are on the water, and also keep them from having a panic attack when they become lost.

It can be difficult to navigate when visibility is low and you’re not sure which way to go. With GPS coordinates, you can find your way back to shore or find your next destination with ease!


Drysuits are a life-saver in cold water. If you are planning to go kayaking in the winter, you need to make sure you have a dry suit.

A dry suit will keep your core warm and safe from the cold water that is freezing the rest of your body. A wet suit can be uncomfortable in very cold conditions, but even with a dry suit on in icy temperatures, it is important to bundle up in warmer clothes to stay warm.

Kayak Helmet

Kayak Helmet is in high demand for kayakers, but why? Kayak helmets are great for protection against capsizing on the river. We all know that capsizing can be a common problem, and this is one of the reasons why kayakers should strap up with a Kayak Helmet.

They make it possible to still enjoy every moment of your water time without worrying about flipping over in the water or colliding with rocks. This helps you stay safer while having more fun.

Unlike a typical helmet, Kayak Helmet is a sleek and lightweight design that is designed to float on top of the water, or you can easily remove it from your head with one hand. The foam liner is impact-resistant and the visor deflects rain and wind to help relieve pressure on your eyes.

Kayak Helmet

Kayak Bilge Pump

A kayak bilge pump is an important accessory for any kayaker. If you’re not sure what a kayak bilge pump is, it is a small device that allows you to remove water from your boat. This can be helpful if you need to bail out the boat or just want extra space for longer trips.

Spray Skirt

A spray skirt can prevent water from entering the cockpit of your kayak. It also helps with paddling by adding an air pocket in front of you for resistance. Paddlers can lean forward without fear of getting water in their face and the skirts only cost around $20!

Scupper plugs

Paddling down a long river can be an exhilarating experience, but there is always the risk of getting your kayak stuck in tree roots, rocks, and other obstructions. One way to avoid these obstacles is by investing in scupper plugs to keep water from getting into the boat and causing it to sink.

Scupper plugs are inexpensive and easy to install. They attach securely with silicone or epoxy so they will not come loose while you’re out on the water.

Paddle Pops

If you are paddling in the winter, make sure to pack a pair of paddle pops to keep your hands warm. Paddle pops are a great way to keep your hands warm while paddling.

Kayak Cart

A kayak cart is a useful accessory for many kayakers. It has a lightweight design and is compatible with every brand of kayak. This product offers users a reliable way to transport their kayak from point A to point B, which significantly reduces the risk of injury.

Kayak Cart also has tie-down straps that adjust to any length, as well as a rubberized pad, which ensures your kayak is not scratched or damaged during transport.

Kayak Anchor

Kayaks are great for all water sports, including fishing, but only if the kayaker has a secure anchoring system. This specially crafted anchor helps control kayaks when in current and windy conditions.

The benefits of using a kayak anchor, such as the ability to safely release the kayak from its anchor when necessary, make this item a necessity when on the water.

Kayak Anchor can be used for both those who are less experienced and those who have been kayaking for years.

NRS Basic Touring Safety Kit

Touring kayaks are great for paddling down a river but there is a lot of danger lurking in the shadows. It’s important to take precautions before you set out on your journey. The NRS Basic Touring Safety Kit is designed to give you all the protection you’ll need while you’re on the water.

This kit includes 2 rescue throw bags, 1 knife, 1 bilge pump, 1 whistle, 2 spare paddle clips, and 1 whistle cord, paddle leash, cell phone holder, or PFD – all of which are essential items. The paddler is not constrained by the paddle leash because it can be quickly released in an emergency situation with one hand.


The right accessories can make your experience on the water more enjoyable and safe.

it is important to be prepared for any kayak trip by packing the appropriate clothing and accessories. If you are planning on taking your dog with you, then make sure you pack a leash and food.

If you are going in the winter months, pack a warm jacket. These few tips will help ensure your trip is not ruined by forgetting something important.