4 Best Kayak for Short Person (Height, Paddle Length Chart)

Short persons(under 5 feet) have an inferiority complex and thought that they are ignorant of society. As a result, you will see a lot of suggestions in google search like “how long does a short person live”. It’s a shame for our society we make their thought this way.

If you read this article then must be you are a short person or here to try to find out the best kayak to fit your short relatives. Don’t lose hope, with due respect to the short people in the world let’s dive into our topic.

Being a short person, the one who desires to kayak is a warrior to himself. Everybody wants to enjoy kayaking with friends and family.

As for a short person, it becomes difficult because of the high length kayak and paddle. Kayak manufacturers narrowed down the possibility of having the struggle again.

Some of the kayaks are well designed and integrated with various helpful accessories. Continue reading till the end.

Top 5 List of kayaks for Short Adults

  1. Portable Kayak– Sevylor Quikpak K5 1-Person Kayak
  2. Inflatable kayak – Sevylor Quikpak K1
  3. For lake or slow-moving river – Intex Challenger Kayak Series
  4. For Directional Stability– Intex Explorer K2 Kayak
Product TitleWeight CapacityMaterialPrice
Sevylor Quikpak K5250 lbsHeavy duty polyetster bottom, 24-gauge laminated PVCCheck Price
Sevylor Quikpak K1400 lbsHeavy duty polyetster bottom, 21-gauge laminated PVCCheck Price
Intex challenger k1220 lbsMade with rugged vinyl constructionCheck Price
Intex Explorer K2400 lbsMade with 30 gauge vinylCheck Price
Sevylor Big Basin490 lbsConstructed with heavy-duty PVCCheck Price

Buying Guide for choosing the best kayak for a short person

People who love kayaking become addicted to it. Some of them start facing problems from the very beginning when it’s about their height that cannot be extended according to kayak and paddling.

We gathered some topics and put them together as a buying guide.

Types of Kayaks

There are many boats and kayaks out in the market. Some of them hold high prices due to having high materials and parts. Some of them are comfortable and worth using kayak at an affordable price.

Price doesn’t matter when you go for the best. Besides, all kayak manufacturers deliver the same terms.

In that case, you need to be aware of what kind of kayak you want to buy. Here are some popular kayak categories.

Recreational Kayaks (Sit-ins and sit-on-tops)

These kinds of kayaks are affordable, easy to get in, and get off, and have stability. Their storage spaces carry the little essentials you may need while kayaking.

For which, they are not meant to be kayaking for sea or on a big trip. You have to use them for short trips or flat water fun.

Day Touring Kayaks (Sit-ins)

Day touring kayaks are called versatile boats. They are well built and more efficient to move than recreational kayaks.

You can have full control even in rough water compared to recreational boats. They usually are shorter than sea kayaks but easy to conduct and handle.

Inflatable kayaks

You wanted to have kayaks that are not only versatile but also carriable anywhere.

Enough storage they have so that you can take essential tools. Inflatable kayaks are pretty fast and best for floating on rivers.

Tandem kayaks

Two seats in one boat- tandem kayaks for people who want to kayak with friends and family being together. They are more stable than other kayaks out there.

But, these kayaks need paddling together at the same time. If you can do that, this tandem kayak offers a huge deal to enjoy kayaking.

It becomes more interesting when you can go fishing sitting on tandem kayaks.

short woman kayaking

What you need to watch over

As for a short person, kayaking is always a challenging task. Here we have added some topics that can give you the clarity to think.

Weight capacity: you will never want to buy a kayak whose weight capacity is beyond yours. Buy a kayak that is lightweight but sturdy. It would be easy for you to kayak as well as enjoy nature.

Length: longer boats would be difficult for short people in terms of kayaking. Why? Your paddle would not be that longer or higher to carry out the long-length kayak.

In that case, you must need a shorter kayak, which physically helps you to move on.

Seats: Most important topic after weight capacity. Having a great seat satisfies you and makes you feel that kayaking is worth it.

An adjustable, padded seat is the one you should have from the beginning.

Compartment Size: Short people always struggle when paddling. Choose a kayak where you can suit yourself and take control sitting on the compartment of the kayak.

1. Top Pick – Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

You are searching for an affordable inflatable kayak including the quality and here we are, exhibiting one of the most trending kayaks.

Comfortable for anyone with the adjustable backrest inflatable seat, yes, Intex explorer k2 kayak for you.

Two persons in one kayak with easy paddling gives the joy you seek on your off-day. The cockpit is praised for comfort and space.

In general, inflatable kayaks don’t have enough space. But this Intex explorer has more storage space.

However, the Intex explorer k2 kayak is very resistant. It is constructed with super-tough 30 gauge vinyl that gives it longevity.

This kayak has an inflatable i-beam floor, which provides you with comfort and rigidity. A removal skeg ensures the stability of direction.

The Boston valve helps to inflate or deflate quickly. A grab line and grab handle are for your convenience.

The kayak Intex explorer k2 comes up with accessories such as a high-output pump and two 86” aluminum oars.

It is made for kayaking in a small area of water i.g. rivers or lakes. It tells that you are allowed to go in Intex explorer k2 kayak fishing.

Three separate air chambers get your back if the kayak gets punctured. This explorer k2 is affordable, a well-maintained kayak, best for any medium trip.


  • Comfortable for Anyone
  • Adjustable Inflatable Seat with Backrest
  • Removable SKEG and Directional Stability
  • Made for smaller bodies of water.
  • The maximum weight capacity is 400


  • Very affordable price
  • Perfect for two people
  • Much spacious and comfortable
  • Easy to spot & Super stable
  • Superior weight capacity (up to 400 pounds)


  • Paddles could be the best.

2. Sevylor Quikpak K5

The Sevylor Quikpak k5 1-person kayak expands the possibility of trekking somewhere near the river or lake.

It provides much convenience in kayaking. You need a quick setup of a kayak and the Quikpak k5 is designed in that way.

The kayak, a hand-pump, and a 3-piece paddle- almost everything you need for kayaking, you can have carried out in the backpack.

Other than carrying items, the innovative idea was to transform the backpack into a comfortable seat.

Besides, you can have set up the whole process within five minutes and still have much time to enjoy the water.

The design and interior system of the kayak is brilliantly done. The body is made of strong 24-gauge PVC and also has a rugged tarpaulin bottom that ensures the kayak won’t easily get punctured.

Moreover, even if one of them turns out to be leaked in, there’s nothing much to think about. The kayak’s body is composed of multiple separate air chambers. It ensures safety and stability only when you need it.

As consumers said, the Sevylor Quikpak k5 1-person inflatable kayak’s paddle isn’t as great as it should be.

Several D-rings, double-lock valves, an airtight system, etc., help this kayak keep a strong bond with the kayakers. Some reported about the price was high.

Still, the Sevylor k5 Quikpak 1-person inflatable kayak can be affordable as it is lightweight and highly portable. Storage could be wider and back.

Yet, rather than paddle, nothing to say notably in this Sevylor Quikpak k5 1-person kayak review.


  • 5 minutes set up and easy to inflate
  • Easy to carry backpack turns into a kayak seat
  • The design and construction are well burnished
  • 24-gauge PVC construction
  • Tarpaulin bottom and polyester ensure safety and protection from getting punctured
  • Airtight system to prevent any leaks
  • Several D-rings for attaching other equipment securely.
  • Multiple air chambers
  • Double lock valves for easy inflation
  • Includes handy pump and paddle


  • Enough space to bring 2L water and a few packs of snacks  
  • External storage space for snacks and other accessories  
  • Splash-proof and lightweight design keeps everything safe  
  • Easy to access tube clips to drink water even on the go  


  • Its durability isn’t impressive  

3. Sevylor Quikpak K1

Brought to you another Sevylor kayak, a slight difference from the previous one. A bit of more solid construction and safety this Sevylor Quikpak kayak can provide.

It follows one of the traditional styles of a sit-on-top kayak. This Sevylor Quikpak kayak extracts almost the same integration as the Quikpak k5.

Tarpaulin bottom is to provide durable protection from punctures, multiple air chambers allowing one another to stay inflated when one is punctured- there’s a lot of variation all in one Sevylor.

On top of these, your backpack becomes your kayak and you can float on the water within 5 minutes from a quick setup. It’s never hard to inflate or deflate because of double lock valves.

Here you can stretch your legs comfortably or lean back and relax on the seat through a multi-position footrest and backrest respectively.

One of the advantages of having these Quikpak k1 kayaks is they are lightweight and highly portable.

You don’t have to worry about leaving the bag while tracking or after using it once. It integrates extra flavor by adding a cup holder to the kayak.

Besides, this Sevylor k1 Quikpak 1-person inflatable kayak is affordable and helpful for the people who love standing by on the water.

Consumers came off saying the paddles could be more premium. The plastic connector between the paddle is not that good enough.

So, it would be best if you bought an extra paddle for yourself.


  • 5 minutes quick set up and easy to inflate
  • Carry-backpack turns into a kayak seat
  • The design and construction are well-composed
  • 21-gauge strong PVC construction
  • Tarpaulin bottom and polyester ensure safety and protection from getting punctured
  • Airtight system to prevent any leaks
  • Multiple air chambers
  • Double lock valves make it easier for inflation/deflation
  • The backrest helps to lean back and enjoy the ride
  • Multi-position footrest
  • Includes handy pump and paddle


  • Very affordable and suitable for all
  • Durable and high-quality material
  • Multiple air chambers integrated
  • Tarpaulin bottom for more durability and stability
  • Easy to carry from place to place
  • Very quick setup through double lock valve


  • Poor Tracking capability
  • Insubstantial paddle
  • It doesn’t take well to rough waters

4. Intex Challenger Kayak Series(K1)

You may have heard of Intex for its high-quality inflatable boats and kayaks. They come into the market with their superiority. All of their products provide a specialty in which other manufacturers are behind in thinking.

This Intex challenger kayak comes with a skeg and heavy-duty puncture-resistant vinyl.

Whenever it comes to such tracking or paddling on the water, we always search for safety issues.

This Intex challenger k1 kayak mitigates that issue and flows in flat water without any adjunction. Going on solo with this kayak is the best option you may choose.

However, if you wish to fish somewhere sitting on a kayak, this kayak could help you. It comes with a high-output manual hand pump and quickly inflates your kayak within minutes by connecting the pump with the Boston valve.

The Intex challenger k1 kayak’s parts include one removable skeg that keeps your kayak straight by giving you precise direction, one set of collapsible oars for paddling, an inflatable backrest seat, one repair kit, an instruction guide, one handy pump, a carry-bag, and one-time plastic measuring tape.

These are enough to kayak flawlessly.

This one-person inflatable kayak is well-constructed and has a cargo net (storage space) to keep items safe. A grab line is given for the convenience of the kayaks.

Besides, side air chambers keep stability in control and provide comfort when kayaking.

Overall, this Intex challenger inflatable kayak takes the standard to a higher level. At a low price, it provides everything you need for kayaking.


  • Rugged vinyl construction
  • Made of durable welded material
  • The cockpit is designed for comfort and expands space
  • Inflatable I-beam decks add stability
  • Cargo net to store extra gear
  • Inflatable seat with backrest
  • Includes an 84-inch aluminum oar, repair patch, high output manual hand pump


  • The quality is sturdy and thick
  • The oars are easy to assemble as the bag to inflate or deflate
  • The Boston valve made it convenient to pump as well,
  • The SKEG stayed in place really well.
  • The inflated seat and space for stretching legs


  • The supplied carrying bag is not that great.

Which kayak is best for height?

Kayakers HeightKayakPrice Range
Over 5’6″– 12-foot Recreational kayak or a 14-foot sea kayak
– Perception Swifty 9.5
– Perception Kayaks Rhythm 11
– Delta Kayaks 15.5 GT
$100 – $450
Shorter than 5’6″– Perception Tribe 9.5$629
Between 5’6″ and 5’4″– Sevylor Quikpak K5
– Sevylor Quikpak K1
– Perception Swifty 9.5’
$150 – $350
5’4″ or Less – Recreational kayaks ( 8 feet to 10 feet) are best for a short person
– Intex Explorer K2
– Intex Challenger Kayak Inflatable Set
– Intex Excursion Pro Kayak
– Perception Swifty 9.5’
$110 – $320
Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable kayak

Are short or long kayaks better?

Long kayaks certainly offer more storage space for which you can go fishing or turn the trip way longer. Besides, they have efficiency, better than short kayaks.

You can have more fun with short kayaks as they can be turned pretty quickly. Paddling short kayaks won’t make you tired for a long while.

Kayak size for 5ft woman

For a 5ft woman, a low volume size kayak would be enough. After height, it then depends on the weight of the person.

If a 5ft woman has the 140lbs upper weight, she should go for a medium volume kayak. However, she can enjoy both low and medium-volume kayaks.

The Ocean Kayak Venus 11 One-Person Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak is specially made for women.

Kayak For Women

Which is the best kayak for women?

Selecting kayaks for women, especially short women isn’t easy if she considers herself a beginner.  Often, newbies are expecting more from one kayak but all the capabilities are impossible to find together.

However, the most concern is about kayak stability. Every inexperienced paddler thought that kayaks are tippy or unstable in their early kayaking.

The Ocean Kayak Venus 11 is specially designed for women. The comfortable wide seat gives women confidence to paddle easily. This is ideal for lakes, rivers, or ocean kayaking for women.

It feels like wide kayaks are more stable but in reality, wide kayaks have some drawbacks. 

  • Most of the wide kayaks are slow. 
  • Many wide kayaks are barge-like
  • Some of the wide kayaks don’t track well

The sit-inside kayak is generally categorized as a woman kayak that’s because it is faster and lighter and keeps herself warmer inside.

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 comes with a large cockpit and storage compartment. This sit-in kayak is easily maneuverable, great for beginners for durability, and affordable in price. 

Besides, a female kayak can be sit-on-top if she plans for fishing with her pets (dog, cat, etc).

The Perception Tribe 9.5 is a sit-on-top recreational kayak that has great features like a compact, versatile, stable, open deck, padded seat, and a weight capacity is 300 lbs.

Considering weight capacity & a stable hull the Perception Tribe 9.5 is the best kayak for a heavy woman. 

Kayak length for height chart

There are plenty of kayaks of various lengths and widths.

How can you decide what should be the kayak length according to your height? Some tips given below may be helpful for you in that case.

Low Volume Kayak: These are made for kayakers under 5 ft. 6 in. tall, weighing less than 140 lbs.

Medium Volume Kayak: these are designed for paddlers between 5 ft. 7 in. and 5 ft. 10 in. tall, weighing between 140 and 189 lbs.

High Volume: These are made for kayakers over 5 ft. 10 in. tall, weighing more than 180 lbs.

What Paddle Length Should I Get?

An important task is knowing what paddle length you should get. It actually depends on your torso height.

Now, what is torso height?

Sitting up straight on a flat-seated chair, measured from between legs near the crotch straight up to the tip of your nose, is known as torso height.

Torso HeightPaddle Length
22“ 180cm
24” 180-200 cm
26” 190-200 cm
28” 200-220 cm
30”210-230 cm
32” 220-240 cm
34” 230-250 cm
36” 240-250 cm


How To Choose A Lightweight Kayak?

Choosing a lightweight kayak is a challenge. In that case, you need to gather as much knowledge as possible.

First of all, long kayaks could be heavier than short kayaks. In general, short kayaks are made for rivers and lakes.

Besides, they provide better maneuverability but fall behind in speed compared to the long kayaks.

Secondly, folding kayaks are lightweight as they don’t have a hard shell surface. They even come in a backpack.

Thirdly, most lightweight kayaks can be carried in their hands or in a backpack.

They are easy to transport, but their performance is slightly off that of a heavy lightweight kayak.

Why Use a Lightweight Kayak?

Lightweight kayaks are usually simpler to carry and transport to anywhere, any place you desire.

Besides, there’s an advantage to using a light kayak, which is you can have more equipment with you as there is much storage space in the kayak.

Moreover, paddling a lightweight kayak alone is the best entertaining thing. It’s easy to inflate or deflate.

Some kayaks have a skeg that keeps your kayak in direction-wise.

What type of kayak will be more comfortable for you?

For beginners, expert-recommended sit-on-tops kayaks are user friendly than sit-in kayaks.

These kinds of kayaks are easier and simpler to get in and get off.

In terms of comfortable, inflatable kayaks are one of them. They are easy to carry, versatile, and have storage space.

Floating on a river randomly and enjoying nature as well as fishing on a kayak– everything you can do with inflatable kayaks.

How to Choose the Right Size Kayak Paddle

Choosing the right size kayak paddle is difficult. It wholly depends on the person’s choice.

If you prefer to be relaxed, a lower-end and horizontal paddle position would be a better paddle length.

On the other hand, if you like a more vertically high-end part and want to maintain the balance between your hands, it would be touring paddling.

Usually, touring paddles should be 82-90inches (210-230cm)

Is an 8 ft kayak too small?

Before directly answering that question, some facts must be taken into consideration. There are certainly smaller kayaks in the market.

An eight-foot length is one of them. These kinds of smaller kayaks are best for kids and short people.

Besides, shorter kayaks are more maneuverable and have better stability compared to most longer kayaks.

However, not all smaller kayaks are the same. They provide the best when you are planning to kayak in white water or flat water.

So, ‘No’ to that answer thinking these ways.

What is the shortest kayak you can buy?

The shortest kayak you can buy is the sun dolphin Aruba SS 8-Foot Sit-in Kayak. Its length is 8ft 2”.

It’s one of the recreational kayaks, lightweight, and holds maximum stability.

It has adjustable foot braces. Easier to carry, adjustable padded seat- all these make it come to the highlight.

Which one you should buy now?

Two persons in one kayak with easy paddling, on top of that, the comfort you seek while kayaking, this Intex explorer k2 kayak is always ready to give you those pleasures and joy.

Besides, its adjustable seat with backrest ensures flawless movement. The design, Intex explorer came up with is mesmerizing.

A very resistant kayak, constructed with 30 gauge vinyl enough to provide you longevity. Boston valves will be there to make sure to inflate or deflate easily.

Skeg to keep the stability, high functional manual pump with two 86° aluminum oars, well, these leave helping you to perfectly kayaking.

Despite the paddle not being so high quality, the Intex kayak is all about comfort and fun at an affordable price.


Kayaking is both fun and exercise. People who love seas, rivers, and lakes are always excited about kayaking.

You would never want to have fun that isn’t worth your cost as you didn’t go for the best options. Exactly, it happens with kayaks. It gives you much relief and makes your time enjoyable and thrilling.

You have to go through the article to know about types of kayaks, which kayak is comfortable for you, what kind of kayak you want, the comfort of paddling issues, and many more.

When a kayak meets your requirements and that suits your budget, you choose the right way. This article leads you to the answer you are seeking. If you have anything to ask, message, or contact us.

Reference: https://www.ez-dock.com/blog/kayak-paddle-size-guide/