Pelican Sentinel 100x Sit On Top Fishing Kayak Reviews(For Adults & Kids)

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Are you tense about the next fishing kayaking? Most of the kayakers doubt the stability & weight capacity of kayaks.

If you are looking for a solo kayak that is great at stability, we recommend a glance over the pelican sentinel 100x 10 ft sit-on-top kayak. And, we all know kayaks with higher stability are worth fishing.

The popular brand Pelican has introduced a fishing kayak that makes fishing kayaking more comfortable and easy.

The recreational and Angler style of this kayak reassures stability for fishing. This pelican sentinel 100x sit-on-top kayak has:

  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Stable ability in speed
  • Covers long distances with less effort
  • Faster than other fishing kayaks in the market
Pelican Sit-on-Top Kayak - Sentinel 100X

Best Features of Pelican Sentinel 100x Angler Fishing Kayak

  1. A Multi Chine Flat Bottom Hull for the stability
  2. The Sentinel 100x Angler is Incredibly Easy to Transport and Store
  3. Made Using Our Patented Ram-x Materials,
  4. The Best Way to Clean Your Kayak is by using a mixture of Mild Soap and Warm Water
  5. Comes Equipped with the Exopak, a Removable Storage Compartment that Fits perfectly Into The Tank Well.
  6. Included Additional Flotation inside the Hull of all of our Sit-on-tops in order to meet ABYC standards.
  7. All The Storage that you need with our New Exopak Removable Storage Compartment
  8. Fishing Accessories: 2 Rod Tie-downs, Flush Mount Rod Holders, 2 Accessory Eyelets
  9. Features: Adjustable Footrests; Molded Carrying Handles, Drain Plug; 2 Accessory Eyelets And 2 Paddle Holders And A Smartphone Holder
  10. Measuring 9 feet 6 inches & Weighing only 44 lb,
man catch a fish on kayak

The pelican kayak comes with a multi-chine flat bottom hull that ensures solid stability. You cannot deny it when you need to cast lines and reel in fish. The manufacturer allows it to have additional inflation inside the Hull in order to meet ABYC standards.

The design of this kayak is attractive. It is made using the pelican’s patented Ram X materials. Ram-x is a multi-layer material that is known for high impact resistance. This pelican weighs 44 lbs.

If you are wondering whether the kayak is lightweight or not, now you can decide. It is 9foot 6inch long. A tall person can easily fit in this.

Besides these, the pelican sentinel 100x sits-on-top kayak includes an adjustable ERGOFORM padded backrest with cushion, molded carrying handles, a drain plug, two accessories eyelets, two paddle holders, and a smartphone holder.

woman enjoying pelican kayak

It doesn’t forget to include fishing accessories such as 2-rod tie-downs and flush mount rod holders. Making a kayak lightweight means creating another chance to carry such accessories.

Again, it is equipped with the EXOpak, a removable storage compartment. You can fit it into the tank. This pelican sentinel sit-on kayak is perfect for all sizes of paddlers. The price looks a bit higher compared to other fishing kayaks.

The high stability, excellent tracking, and easy maneuverability you are getting from this kayak fill the void of having a high-cost fishing kayak.


  • Great tracking and maneuverability
  • Removable Storage Compartment
  • High level of stability
  • Superior capacity
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Fishing accessories with adjustable seats and comfortable handles
  • Flat bottom stable on the ground for loading
  • The weight limit is 275 lb


  • A bit high price
  • Not best for a long trip

What are the benefits of a fishing kayak?

Fishing kayaks are becoming more and more popular as people find that they not only offer recreational enjoyment but also provide the opportunity to catch fish. A fishing kayak is lighter than a traditional paddle boat, making it easier to maneuver in shallow areas.

The design of the fishing kayak allows the fisherman to stand directly over the water with their feet planted before casting their line. This type of vessel is arguably safer than a canoe or other stationary boat due to its stability.

Can I bring my dog on a Pelican kayak?

The Pelican kayak is the best for kayaking with your dog. As you see Amanda a dog lover enjoys kayaking with her dog. But remember do not cross the weight limit.


How much is a pelican fishing kayak?

Fishing is an expensive hobby, but there are ways to save. One way is to buy a fishing kayak. Luckily, pelican fishing kayaks are not too expensive and can be found at many places you would expect to find kayaks.

The prices depend on the features you want your kayak to have, but it is possible to find one for an average price of $300-950.

How much does a pelican fishing kayak weigh?

Pelican fishing kayaks are designed for a variety of purposes, but they all have a common factor- they’re tough. As a result, they can be heavy and difficult to transport for a single person.

The weight of a pelican fishing kayak is going to vary from model to model, but generally, you’ll find that the average weight is around 80 pounds. The heavier ones might be up to 115 pounds or more, which can make carrying it especially difficult for some people.


The pelican sentinel fishing kayak is a great kayak, especially for children because of its larger cockpit. It is lightweight and easy to carry around. There are many helpful features that make it easier to fish with, such as the rod pod mount and the drink holders.

It is clear that the pelican sentinel fishing kayak is a great option for any fisherman or fisherwoman who may need a kayak that is both lightweight and easy to carry for traveling purposes.

As many recreational kayakers and fishermen have found, the Pelican Sentinel Fishing Kayak is a great alternative to a traditional kayak. This kayak is perfect for shorter people who can’t fit in a traditional kayak.

In addition, this kayak has enough storage space to hold all your gear for an extended fishing trip, making it much easier to carry your gear.