How to Build a Kayak Rack for an RV – Procedure, 5 Elements

People who wish to travel beside rivers or lakes and intend to take their kayak along with them may be put in a difficult situation. But if there is a kayak rack on the RV it may help them out. So let’s gather some knowledge about how to build a kayak rack for an RV. 

If you build the right RV kayak rack, you can enjoy your fishing trip or kayaking without facing any problems. Here you will know the procedure to build a kayak rack. And also know about the best kayak racks for an RV. 

So to know all the information in detail, continue reading this content.

How To Build A Kayak Rack For An RV

People who love fishing often go on a fishing trip on weekends. If you want to have fun in the water on a fishing trip, then kayaking is an amazing part. 

For this, just carry your kayak for an excellent weekend. If you are unable to carry the kayak bare hand, then the RV kayak rack is perfect for transporting it. You can enjoy your trip without any tension of carrying the kayak along with you.

hitch mount kayak rack

Kayak Rack

The rack measuring is 66″ high and 40″ deep. It’s 37″ wide at the roof and 20″ wide at the underside. The main rod and the top section are built of 14-meter steel, and the lower part is built of 11-meter steel.

The color of this rack is powder-coated black to maintain the color when it is moved or used. This is a perpendicular hitch mount kayak rack when you use it. You can fold it up whenever you want and also can remove it from the hitch receiver.

There are so many kayak racks for an RV. Among them, a VertiYak kayak rack for RVs and campers or yakups RV kayak rack is the best. 


The kayak rack can be built in a very affordable way. You may don’t know how to build a vertical kayak rack. So let’s get to know the procedures to build a kayak Rack. 

1. Carrier Rack System

The weight of the total system is 67lbs. It is very easy to install it in less than 20 min. Just tie it around the camper rack.

2. Rack system

This rack system can be designed for 2 kayaks of 8ft and 2 folding bikes of 20″. You can also build a kayak bike rack combo for RV. 

Scale it up first for the 10ft kayaks and the bike sizes. Raise the RV attached bar condition and length the bike rack pieces by measuring it.

Rack system elements 

The combined rack system weight is 67lbs. The elements of the rack are given below-

  1. Kayak pads
  2. Bike rack pads
  3. Camper back wall attached bar
  4. Bike rack stanchions
  5. Bumper sleeves.

1. Bumper Sleeve

Let’s start with bumper sleeves. It is built with 6ft long 2×2″ steel angle iron and 6″- 4″ long 2″×6″ wood boards. Then glue it and bolt it together in an “L” shape.

2. Kayak Pads

Kayak pads are made of 2″×12″ boards and 3/4″ PVC tubing. Extend the backs of the kayak pads under the bumper and cradle it. These pads are attached with and bolted to the bumper sleeve.

3. Bike Rack Pads

Bike Rack pads for each bike of 2 are 2″×6″ boards. The kayak rack has a lower bike attachment also. 

4. Bike Rack Stanchions

It needs 2×4″ tops and undersides. Alum “L” channel stanchions of 1-1/2 × 1-1/2′ are unrestricted floating. 

All the weight of it is transferred to the steel angle iron on the bumper sleeve.

5. Camper Back Wall Attach Bar

To build a camper back wall attach bar, just need a 6ft long 1″ steel angle iron. 

This bar doesn’t take any type of weight of the rack or items. Now drill 2 sets of 1×4″ clean up holes for the sets of pins to build the bike rack stanchions. 

Then use 2 pieces of 3/4″ PVC pipe which is 6″ long and coated with foam pipe internment as bumpers. 

Kayak Connected Hold Down Bar

To build a kayak connected hold-down bar needs 3/4″ PVC fittings, 3/4″ PSI PVC pipe, 3/4″ EMT steel pipe, and spring pin. By using these materials, you will be able to build a kayak-connected hold-down bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to carry a kayak on an RV?

An easy way to carry a kayak on an RV is to use ropes or straps and tie the kayak on the rake. Extensively, RVers follow this procedure to carry their kayak.

How to build a kayak rack?

You can build a kayak rack by using some materials. These materials are given below- two pieces of 4×4 pole which are 72″ long posts, four pieces of 2×6 pole which are 60″ long and two pieces of 4×4 pole which are 38″ long base, eight pieces of 2×6 pole with 40″ long horizontal supports. 

Four pieces of 4×4 pole with 27″ long BRACES. Two pieces of 4×4 pole with 48 ½ ” long and four pieces with 16″ long BACK.

Do I need a trailer for a kayak?

You don’t need a trailer for a kayak generally. But if the fishing kayaks are very heavy, then a trailer is the best option to lift them onto the roof rake.


In the end, kayaking is a great way to spend a pleasant weekend. Fishing lovers enjoy kayaking a lot. But carrying a kayak sometimes causes troubles. But it can be solved by an RV kayak rack. You can also use some popular kayak racks for transportation. 

It makes fishing trips or kayaking easy. You can build this kayak rack very easily by following the steps given above. I hope after reading the content, you gain knowledge of how to build a kayak rack for an RV.  

The kayak can be carried by tying them with the rake in the back of the RV. This is the easiest way to carry your kayaks on a motorhome. So apply it and enjoy your journey.