5 Best Way To Store A Kayak In The Garage (Proven Tips)

You know, having a hard shell kayak sometimes comes with a curse if you don’t have any proper guidance to store it somewhere safe and sound. There’s no difficulty storing kayaks outdoors in the summertime.

If talking about winter or the end of kayaking season, the hard time arises, and its complexity spreads away as well. In that case, proper storage becomes more mandatory than a convenient way to protect the kayak.

So, a question naturally comes to mind: what’s the best way to store a kayak in the garage or such indoor places? With this, safety issues obviously come to the point too.

Keeping a kayak in a garage is the safest way among indoor places. You don’t have to care much once you have set the kayak into a satisfactory position. That’s why we came up with the best way to store kayaks in a garage.

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Pick up your process from the best way to store a kayak in the garage:

Wall Mounted Rack:

The wall-mounted rack method is quite popular. There’s an advantage to having it for a lifetime. Once you have done the wall-mounted installation, you don’t need to change or transform it further. It stays with the rack and the package all along.

However, you will need enough space on one side of the whole wall in your garage. There you can store two or more kayaks. But, before that, you need to make sure if there is enough room for opening the garage door.

Therefore, the point isn’t about storing multiple kayaks. Instead, it’s about installing kayaks precisely. The best way to do it is to find studs below the sheetrock that can bear the kayaks’ weight. And make it in an equilibrium position.

Or else, you can buy a heavy-duty kayak rack and leave it to work done for you. Most of them have paddle areas where you can keep your kayak paddle externally. The wall-mounted storage solution makes your kayak vulnerable and protects it from risk.

Overhead Suspension System:

Small space in the garage leaves you to adopt this overhead suspension system. The ceiling, an empty, vacant space, can be used for keeping kayaks safely. How?

You get creative when you are stuck. An overhead suspension is the output of creativity. Hanging kayaks from the ceiling are the easiest trick to pull over for saving up spaces.

However, it would be best if you had ceiling studs to support the weight of kayaks before going through the process. Though, this overhead suspended system comes with all the required parts and instructions to get the proper installation. This method is safe and secure.

Moreover, you can add functions like pulleys to raise and haul down the kayaks. It will save both effort and time.

Upright Technique

Probably the one you like to praise a technique. Storing upright in the garage won’t take any wide space but vertically, it will. So, it would be best if you had a tall enough garage to cover your kayak within the garage.

However, the upright technique pulls the simplest trigger. All that you need is a couple of straps and stable wall mounts for anchoring those straps. You can do a little bit more care by keeping below the haunch of the kayak to pad it from standing on the ground.

Regarding this function, if simply said, it’s not necessary to have studs when installing the mounting hardware as the weight of the kayak entirely relies on the haunch.

Essentially, an upright storage system is simple and easy to store, with no wall-mounted rack or anything function-able. Standing kayaks seem to fall, but the straps hold them off from falling down.

Portable Stand

A portable stand is the one you may need if you have enough space in the garage. And, it is by far the easiest and cheapest way to store kayaks indoor or outdoor.

Though the method takes a portion of the room from the garage space, it really is secure and solid. It easily holds your kayak. You don’t have to do any other task to functionalize it.

Do you know what makes this method great? You can move and place it wherever you want. There’s no need for a rack, slud, or anything to attach.

DIY Project:

‘DIY’ stands for ‘Do it yourself, a homemade project. It’s a way to build something by self to store kayaks in the garage. But, it usually takes time and you will need to ensure creating solid and secure kayak storage.

As we have already discussed some methods like wall racks storage, upright technique, and suspended system, all these kinds of kayak storage can be built by self with some PVC.

But, when you build something, you give your full capability to make it worthwhile and precise. It saves you lots of money.

More than that, you know what’s the best for your garage to store kayaks and you exactly go for the creation. Subsequently, there are many online sources available to follow proper guidelines and make one of a crafted kayak storage project.

Among these ways, which would be the best to follow?

We don’t make a garage according to the idea of storing kayaks in there. As a result, it becomes a challenge when you want to store kayaks in the garage but there’s no plenty of space.

Moreover, you won’t see all garages are the same. They have differences in size, space, etc. So, the best way comes depending on you, how you want to craft your garage. Yet, some thoughts of ours are given below.

If you have a full clearance of wall space and enough room for storage, a wall-mounted rack would be the best deal. And you can imply this system only if you are in shortage of space. The look of it is eye-catchy, you will love to have it.

Storing kayaks in the ceiling when you don’t have any space on the floor and side-wall would be the best decision to follow an overhead suspended system. Almost all seasonal-based kayakers follow this method as they don’t need to kayak every day.

Integrating the upright technique is inspiring for those who have taller garages. It saves your time and no worries about hardware installation. It is one kind of DIY project, great for self-work.

Another pleasing storage is a portable stand. It’s the best among these ways. Moreover, it doesn’t need to mount hardware. But you need enough space to adopt the method. It’s the best advantage you can place it wherever you want.

Store Kayaks

Tips for storing a kayak in the garage:

  • Examine it when you are done with mounting hardware installation.
  • It doesn’t matter choosing how to store kayaks but make sure you balance the kayak you store. Or else, it will tip over.
  • Storing kayaks in the garage, sometimes you won’t bother to check. But you should check on kayaks occasionally.
  • Make sure you work to prevent insects from making their place. It must be dealt with.

We always look forward to simplicity and saving efforts. The best way to follow is that way that mitigates your effort, time, and stress. That’s the reason we thoroughly go through the solutions and enlist effective ones. Hope you will find your way and store your kayaks in need of time.

There’s a lot to know about kayaking and its related things, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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