The 8 Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks for 2 Person(Lightweight, Safe)

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An inflatable fishing kayak needs to be lightweight, have sufficient storage for fishing gear, be well-built, have better loading capacity, and above all, provide impressive mobility and utility in water.

Manufacturers are paying more attention to inflatable fishing kayaks as these days fishing from a kayak getting more popular. Maneuverability and controlling ability are the first priority.

These kayaks permit you to fish with friends and families. Also, inflatable kayaks are easy to carry as it deflates when not in water. 

We considered all these essentials for the kayak to include them in our review list. 

Also, the article includes a detailed buying guide and recommendations to help you get the best 2-person inflatable fishing kayaks shortly.

Inflatable Fishing Kayak Quick List

  1. Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person
  2. Excursion Pro Inflatable 2 Person
  3. Lifetime Two Person Tandem
  4. Saturn Store 13′
  5. Elkton Outdoors Cormorant
  6. Intex 68310VM Dakota K2 2-Person
  7. Qianglin 10ft Inflatable Boat Touring Kayak
  8. Driftsun Teton Hard Shel
TitleLengthWeightCarrying CapacityIncludesPrice
Sevylor Coleman Colorado128.5 inches 32.9lbs 470lbs- Berkley Quick Set Rod HolderCheck Price
Excursion Pro
151 inches 43.57lbs 400lbs - 2 removable skewsCheck Price
Lifetime Two Person
120 inches 73lbs 500lbs - 2 kayak paddlesCheck Price
Intex 68310VM Dakota K2
123 inches 30.60lbs 400lbs - 2 dry bags, 1 carry bagCheck Price
120 inches 38.50lbs 700lbs - Paddles
- Air Pump
Check Price

Tips to Maintain and Clean Your Inflatable Fishing Kayak

We assume that you have finalized which inflatable fishing kayak you are going to buy. However, our duty doesn’t end here. We would like to draw your attention to the proper maintenance and cleaning steps for the kayak. 

When you know the inflatable kayak maintenance guide, you can take care of it better. Thus, it will enjoy an extended lifespan to withstand your investment successfully. 

  1. Before you use the kayak for the first time, make sure it is clean and free of any dust. It is crucial because, during the transportation and delivery, the pack may accumulate debris which isn’t a good thing for your comfort. 
  2. While cleaning, make sure the valve for pumping air inside is maintained properly. You may use water and a liquid dishwasher to clean the fishing kayak body. 
  3. You should clean the kayak once in every fishing season. When you use the kayak for several days, sweats from your body and debris from the surroundings accumulate on the kayak body. It should be cleaned properly before you store the kayak. Otherwise, the kayak look will deteriorate heavily. 
  4. If you go for whitewater and sea kayaking to get the prized catch, you must rinse off the kayak body with fresh water. In the sea, the kayak accumulates salt, which can damage the kayak body if not cleaned properly. When you rinse off the salt from the kayak, it will prevent corrosion of the PVC construction. 
  5. If your fishing kayak isn’t UV-proof, you can use UV-protectant spray for its safety. Sprays such as the 303 protectant UV spray will add a layer of cover to the PVC construction. Thus, it will protect the kayak from harmful sun rays. 
kayak fishing

The Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak For 2 Person Reviews

Previously, fishing kayaks were weighty and not convenient to transport in your vehicles. The inflatable kayaks have relieved you from such inconvenience.

Plus, these kayaks offer impressive resistance to leaks and punctures that further enhance your comfort in the water.

1. Top Pick – Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person

Sevylor Coleman Colorado

Sevylor is a renowned name in the kayak industry, and the Coleman Colorado is one of their best-selling inflatable kayaks. It is as rugged as it appears. Also, the kayak is highly stable and offers outstanding performance in the water. 

The fishing kayak is made for 2 people. Hence, it has enough space for both people. Also, the fishing kayak comes with enough leg space for both persons.

Thus, you won’t feel cramped even after fishing for hours. In fact, its 10.5ft length is just the perfect length you would want for group fishing. Its length offers you the right stability and strength too. 

Sevylor used thick PVC to build the main structure of the kayak. The 18-gauge PVC is NMMA approved for use in lakes, small rivers, and peaceful water bodies.

So, you are never short of fishing options with this inflatable kayak. Also, the PVC construction is durable and not likely to get leaked or be damaged soon. 

Its bottom is constructed using 1000D tarpaulin, and the cover has 840D nylon fabric. These materials are highly protective against punctures and leaks. So, it brings peace of mind to you. But that’s not all for the kayak. 

What if accidentally it leaks? Thankfully, the kayak comes with multiple air chambers. Thus, even if one chamber is punctured, the remaining air chambers make sure the kayak continuously floats.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado Kayak
Two men setting up Sevylor Coleman Colorado kayak

The overall design is also highly stable and allows both persons to fish with great comfort. 

Next, the kayak has airtight chambers for leak-proof features too. It adds icing to the cake. You will also love the way it enhances your fishing comfort. For instance, you can adjust the rod holders. It improves hands-free fishing comfort.

On top of it, the kayak is equipped with a Sevylor trolling motor. It boosts fishing capabilities in different water bodies. 

Last but not least, its quick inflation and deflation are done within minutes. So, you won’t have to delay standing near the lake or river for fishing. 

Compared to Sevylor Tahiti Plus kayak the Coleman Colorado has better buoyancy and fishing capabilities. See the comparison between the two fishing kayaks.

Sevylor Coleman ColoradoSevylor Tahiti Plus
Person22 + 1 child
Maximum Weight Limit450 pounds440 pounds
Item Weight40.3 Pounds26 pounds
Fishing Rod HolderYesNo


  • Streamlined design ensures mobility 
  • The seats are easily adjustable 
  • The construction is puncture-proof 
  • Durable and highly portable 


  • Lacks adequate space 
  • No pumps 

Key Specifications

  • Length: 128.5 inches 
  • Width: 36.50 inches 
  • Weight: 40.3lbs
  • Color: Green 


The Coleman Colorado inflatable kayak takes less than a minute to inflate, is versatile, and is perfect for whitewater. This is a great choice for lake and river fishing.

2. Excursion Pro Inflatable 2-Person Kayak

Excursion Pro Inflatable 2 Person

This is another great inflatable kayak that offers strength, stability, and durability without reducing your kayak and fishing comfort. Also, this fishing kayak offers you a complete package as it includes a pump to inflate the kayak in a few minutes only. 

The pump is durable and easy to also. Thus, it saves you from investing in a pump. Indeed, it is a great bonus for you. It also includes two oars. These oars are well-balanced and easy to use.

Hence, both kayakers will feel the smoothness of rowing the kayak while keeping an eye on the fish bites. It also saves you from spending additionally on the oars. Also, it is a notable feature as many manufacturers won’t include oars in their packages. 

This kayak will truly make a difference in your overall fishing experience. It largely comes from the construction quality it offers. The kayak is made of lightweight vinyl.

Also, its bottom and cover are made of puncture-resistant materials. Hence, it is less likely to get damaged in water, causing you problems. In fact, it glides in the water like a fish. 

The Excursion Pro kayak includes built-in seats and footrests. The seats are adjustable to match your height.

Also, it has optimal breathability to keep your back sweat-free during the summer days. Also, the footrest is adjustable and comfier than many ordinary kayaks. 

Furthermore, you can enjoy the hands-free fishing experience greatly thanks to its fishing rod holders. The holders are on both sides. Hence, you have better liberty in fishing too.

Moreover, the kayak also ensures incredible convenience in your kayaking and fishing sessions. For instance, it has a waterproof bag. You can latch it at the front of the kayak to allow you to carry essential fishing gear and personal gadgets. 

Last but not least, the lightweight kayak is easy to transport. It easily fits in your car or SUV and inflates in less than a minute too. 


  • Multiple air chambers increase stability and safety 
  • Heavy-duty construction for durability 
  • Equally effective in lakes, rivers, and coastal line 
  • More than sufficient space for two persons 
  • Waterproof bags for carrying goods 


  • It is an expensive kayak 

Key Specifications

  • Length: 12ft and 7 inches 
  • Width: 37 inches 
  • Weight: 43.57lbs 
  • Carrying Capacity: 400lbs 


Intext is a famous brand for the durability of its kayaks since the beginning. This kayak version has the ability to adjust footrests while fishing in the middle of the water. Also, its beautiful red and white color combo adds aesthetics to your fishing experience. 

3. Lifetime Two-Person Tandem Fishing Kayak

Lifetime 10 Foot

This super-steady and powerful fishing kayak comes from the famous Lifetime. The manufacturer has earned its deserved appreciation in the market, and this tandem kayak truly upholds its reputation.

It will leave you with little space for frustration during kayaking and fishing. 

To begin with, this kayak offers great strength due to its construction. It is made using the thickest polyethylene with a puncture-resistant covering. Thus, it won’t get punctured or damaged soon.

Also, it has multiple air chambers. If one chamber is leaked, it relies upon the other chamber to float in the water without showing any sign of instability.

Also, its HDPE construction protects the kayak from peeling, cracking, and color fading. It even has UV resistance for protection against sun rays. 

As a kayak angler, you would want comfort and convenience in fishing too. This fishing kayak provides you precisely with the same. It has enough space for two people with adjustable seats.

Also, the front of the kayak can accommodate a seat for kids too. So, you won’t have to leave anyone while going deep into the lake or rivers with this kayak. Also, the footrests are adjustable to increase your seating comfort and fishing experience. 

The kayak also facilitates one of the highest carrying capacities at 500 lbs. It is enough to carry three persons plus fishing equipment at ease. 

The hull design is streamlined. It ensures great tracking and stability on the water. In fact, its modern hull design is one of its selling points.

On top of everything, the kayak includes generous packaging too. It includes two paddles and three fishing rod holders. Lastly, the 6” hatch offers you to store the necessary baits and lures with ease. 


  • Sporty outlook with great durability 
  • Long 5 years of warranty for defects 
  • Improved hull for great tracking and stability 
  • UV, fading, peeling, and leak-proof construction 


  • This kayak is seriously heavy-weight 
  • It lacks ample storage space 

Key Specifications

  • Length: 120 inches 
  • Width: 36 inches 
  • Weight: 73lbs  
  • Carrying Capacity: 500lbs 
  • Color: Olive Green 


Although the manufacturer suggests it as a 3-person kayak, it is best suited for 2-person that’s makes it spacious for taking fish and accessories. Also, its stability is better suited for lake and river kayaking, fishing, and rafting. 

4. Saturn Store 13′


We guess you got the idea about this super-impressive kayak, right? Its length is 13ft. At this length, it is the longest inflatable kayak on our list.

Thus, both anglers would feel comfortable and find enough space to sit in the kayak. Also, the kayak has a shape that is much like a canoe. 

Likewise, a canoe has a narrow and streamlined shape. Also, the buoyancy tubes are purposefully made oversized. These two factors contribute to its great and brisk paddling experience.

Also, its top has a narrow profile to increase the tracking easiness. 

Another striking benefit of this kayak is the easiness of adding a PFD (Personal Floatation Device). You can mount the PFD right under the kayak seat and below the kayak too. It doesn’t need any special skill at all.

saturn kayak
A family enjoying Saturn Kayak

When emergencies come, this PFD will be your life savior. Also, you can use it as a cushioned seat on the seashore. 

The manufacturer has used the 1100 Dtex PVC for this kayak construction. It is a thick PVC that is less likely to get damaged. Its floor is made of an air deck with a high-pressure capacity. These air decks are sturdy enough to provide the kayak with great durability and stability.

Furthermore, the air deck is easy to roll on and store when not in use. Next, the floor and tubes have dual covers for superior durability in most conditions. 

Finally, the kayak offers great buoyancy tubes. The tubes are so sturdy and powerful that you can even stand on the kayak for fishing.

The package includes two removable benches. These are made of aluminum and can be used for mounting GPS fish finders, cameras, etc. 


  • Massive space for two persons with comfy kayaking 
  • Enhanced buoyancy and a narrow profile for stability 
  • The construction is puncture and abrasion-proof 
  • It quickly inflates despite being a heavy-duty kayak 
  • It has a drop stitch floor for drying


  • Not suitable for fishing in whitewater 
  • The benches for sitting aren’t comfortable 

Key Specifications & Features

  • Length: 130 inches 
  • Width: 36 inches 
  • Weight: 43lbs  
  • Carrying Capacity: 450lbs 
  • Color: Dark Green
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Enough space for two people
  • Comfy paddling
  • Affordable pricing


It takes some time to adjust to the different sitting arrangements. However, you will love its great buoyancy and steady maneuverability, that’s the key of this model to making it a top fishing inflatable kayak. 

5. Elkton Outdoors Cormorant

Elkton Outdoors Cormorant

From the gorgeous inflatable kayak to the air pumps and rod holder mounting positions to EVA seats, this Elkton Outdoor Cormorant fishing kayak offers a complete package.

Hence, you won’t have to spend money on buying air pumps or rod holders additionally, as is the case with many kayaks. What’s more, all these benefits of the kayak come in a sharply compact design. 

It is constructed using 18-gauge 1000D PVC. It protects the kayak from leaks, tears, and hooks at ease. So, instead of worrying about its durability and puncture, you can solely focus on catching your favorite bass, pike, trout, and fish. 

For additional safety, the kayak is designed with three air chambers. Even if one is leaked due to some reason, the other two chambers keep the vessel floating without tumbling. Also, it makes the repair and adjustment jobs easier. 

The best part about this kayak is its EVA padded seats. These seats are as comfortable as the secretariat seats are. It has optimal breathability and an adjustable back to provide maximum comfort.

Also, you can adjust the footrest for different-sized anglers. The seats have comfort gel inside to keep you free from back pain- a great bonus. 

Another feature of the kayak that draws quick attention is its lightweight construction. It weighs only 27 lbs which is the lowest in its class. It combines with the compact size to offer you the best portability of the kayak.

When deflated, it easily fits into your car. Also, it comes with a nice carry bag that makes transportation even easier. 

You will also get a mesh storage compartment. It is easily mountable in the kayak and allows you to store personal accessories safely. Its packaging is also impressive as it comes with multiple fishing rod holders and two good-quality oars for a smooth kayaking experience. 


  • Compact and lightweight design improves portability 
  • A complete kayak package with everything you need 
  • Inflates in less than 2 minutes for a quick fishing 
  • A sporty look with durable construction is worth the money 


  • It feels a little uncomfortable for larger peoples 
  • It may appear a bit pricey to beginners 

Key Specifications

  • Length: 120 inches 
  • Width: 35 inches 
  • Weight: 35lbs  
  • Carrying Capacity: 450lbs 
  • Color: Grey Black 


A cormorant kayak is not ideal for big guys to fish comfortably. Its durable tarpaulin bottom withstands heavy-duty fishing at ease for younger kayakers except for larger persons. 

6. Intex 68310VM Dakota K2

Intex 68310VM Dakota K2

Intex introduced this 2-person inflatable kayak early in 2020, and the kayak has never looked back since then. It comes with everything you may want in a good fishing kayak, from the look to the friendly kayak experience. 

The first time you see the kayak, undoubtedly, this will grab your attention instantly. It is partly because the Intex Dakota is perhaps the best-looking kayak in the industry with a sharp, sporty appearance.

Also, its sturdy construction is instantly recognizable at first glance. It has an ash color tone with red and yellowish accents on the side. Also, the name Dakota inscribed on the side boosts its look greatly without disturbing its design. 

If you want speed and smooth mobility in water, this kayak is made for you. It has a narrow shape.

Also, the skeg is made longer than regular kayaks. A longer skeg means it has improved agility. It contributes to its fast-moving capacity. The short skeg facilitates quick turning if need be.

Also, it has a great straight-tracking facility. The best is it doesn’t disturb the water causing the fish to flee away far. 

The kayak also ensures safety and durability in the long run. First off, it is made of heavy-duty vinyl. Also, it has three air chambers. These two factors combine to make the kayak leak and puncture-resistant.

Also, it has UV protection. Thus, it is less likely to get damaged. Furthermore, the floor is made of I-beam, which gives it the right rigidity without being too weighty.

For convenience, you get two EVA seats with adjustable backrests and footrests. It also has two dry bags to store your wet clothes and accessories without worrying about these getting wet.

Furthermore, the Quick Pump combines with the Boston valve to inflate and deflate the kayak within a few minutes. 

Thus, the overall design, look, and performance of the kayak are super-impressive and worthy of investment if you love kayak fishing. 


  • Inflates and deflates in less than a few minutes 
  • Great navigation in water with perfect smoothness 
  • Seats are easily adjustable with mesh backrests 
  • Lightweight and compact for easy carrying


  • The width is slightly congested 
  • No integrated rod holders 

Key Specifications

  • Length: 123 inches 
  • Width: 35 inches 
  • Weight: 30.60lbs  
  • Carrying Capacity: 400lbs 
  • Color: Grey/Ash 


This model is a rival to Intex for its agility, mobility, and straight navigation. The only drawback of the Dakota kayak is that it doesn’t come with fishing rod holders. But that doesn’t make it valueless because of its lightweight and seating adjustability.

7. Qianglin 10ft Inflatable Touring Kayak

Alternative: Sevylor Quikpak K5 1-Person Kayak

Sevylor Quikpak K5

At 10ft in length, this touring kayak may not be the longest on the market, but it covers up with its wider design.

Also, this kayak from Qianglin is one of the most versatile kayaks you will ever find in the market. You can go fishing, recreational kayaking, or touring with your favorite group of people with this kayak. 

It accommodates 4 people easily, with each having ample seating space. Thus, none would feel congested in the vessel. Its inflating tubes are made higher to offer better protection and comfort to all the people in the kayak.

The tubes, once inflated, work as your backrest. In the front, there is sufficient space to keep your legs easily too.

Furthermore, at 700 lbs maximum load capacity, this kayak is made for heavy-duty applications. Thus, you won’t also feel worried about the carrying capacity- a key feature for 4-person kayaks. 

For construction, the manufacturer has used rugged PVC material. It has, in fact, 3-layers of PVC covers to ensure maximum protection from leaks and damages.

Thus, you can navigate the kayak on your favorite river, lake, or coastal line without worrying about punctures. However, it is not recommended for whitewater use. 

On top of it, its seams have thermal bonding, which retains the air longer than you might anticipate. So, it won’t get deflated in the water. And above, the touring kayak offers different types of users on the water to meet your preference.

For instance, you can use it with a motor or row like a regular kayak. It comes with rowers to save you from additional expenses. 

The kayak also offers great user-friendly convenience as well. It inflates in a few minutes with the provided air pump.

Moreover, when not in use, you can quickly deflate it and store it in the carry bag to prevent dust and debris accumulation. It also has a carrying handle for the smoothest transportation you will ever experience. 


  • Ample space for four persons to sit and enjoy the surrounding 
  • Versatile use as a regular kayak, touring vessel, and angling boat 
  • Great weight carrying capacity and stability 
  • It feels lightweight despite being made for 4 persons 


  • No proper seating arrangements 

Key Specifications

  • Length: 120 inches 
  • Width: 40 inches 
  • Weight: 38.50lbs  
  • Carrying Capacity: 700lbs 
  • Color: Camouflage 


If you have back pain then I don’t recommend it for fishing. Yet, you can add a seat and check out your fishing skills with this kayak. But this touring kayak is more for recreational activities than professional angling lovers.

8. Driftsun Teton Hard Shell Recreational Tandem Kayak

Driftsun Teton 120

You will love this tandem kayak from the moment you step into it and sit on its impressive seat. In fact, this is the best inflatable fishing kayak for 2 people with perhaps the best seats in the kayak market.

Both seats have EVA padded foam for maximum comfort. On top of it, the seats have a high backrest for better support to your back. You can adjust the seats depending on your height and comfort as well.

Hence, you are never short of comfy options with these two adjustable seats. 

Next, the kayak boasts one of the best and most rugged constructions in the industry. It is made with HDPE material with single-piece molding. The fact that it doesn’t have any breaking point ensures its durability further. The material is UV, fade, and puncture-resistant too.

Therefore, you will feel secure riding on the kayak, knowing that it won’t leak in the water. Also, its multiple air chambers help it to float comfortably even if one chamber gets leaked due to some reasons. 

The kayak also offers a great storage facility for you. Its rear has tank well storage. It is secured with a bungee. You will also get two storage hatches. These hatches are watertight and have built-in cup holders to keep your favorite beverage. But that’s not all. 

It also has two mounting points. You can use them to mount GPS fish finders, video cams, or other Scotty accessories. It adds to your navigation facility impressively. Furthermore, the kayak has a place for 4-rod holders with two on each side. 

Its carry handle and ergonomics make transporting the kayak super-easy too. Last but not least, you will get two oars with great design. 

Its combo of white and camouflage accent makes it look unique and attractive. 


  • The seating arrangement is top-class and super-comfy 
  • More than enough space and facility for storage 
  • Easy to navigate with quick inflating capacity 
  • Sporty outlook with contemporary design 


  • It is an expensive fishing kayak 

Key Specifications

  • Length: 120 inches 
  • Width: 32 inches 
  • Weight: 72lbs  
  • Carrying Capacity: 500lbs 
  • Color: White Camouflage


You have to consider the method of transportation for this kayak as it weighs 72 lbs. And the price does not qualify its features. If you have enough budget then you will find its comfort and convenience top-class. 

fishing kayak sit on top

Buying Guide

Inflatable kayaks have become immensely popular among anglers thanks to their quick inflation, easy portability, storage, and puncture-proof design. However, with hundreds of models available in the market and each claiming to be the best, it is hard to pick the right one. 

Also, not all kayaks will feature everything you want. Thus, it becomes more of a check-and-balance game to meet your requirements while not crossing your budget.

We thought about all these difficulties in picking the right inflatable fishing kayak for 2 persons and prepared a guideline to help you get rid of the difficulty. 

Construction Quality

An inflatable kayak for fishing is as good as its construction will be. It means the construction quality and material used for the kayak will depend on its usability and lifespan. Ideally, manufacturers use PVC, vinyl, HDPE, or Hypalon to make their kayaks. 

PVC is the first used material for making lasting and durable kayaks. Also, the present-day kayaks enjoy improved PVC, which adds to their integrity. Most PVCs are now made of thick polyvinyl, which offers great stability for the kayak. 

If you want a stronger kayak than PVC-made ones, definitely nitrylon-made kayaks will be on your radar. Although the material is less prone to wear and tear, it comes with a major setback. It weighs around 15% more than PVC-made kayaks. 

The strongest kayaks are made of Hypalon, a special type of material. The military and US Coast Guard use these kayaks for patrolling the coastal line. Thus, it may not be a suitable option for consumer uses as the expense is quite high. 

Whatever material you select, make sure the vessel is punctured and leak-proof. Also, it needs to be UV-proof for summer uses. And last but not least, make sure it is light enough to transport at ease.

Ideally, any kayak weighing below 40 pounds is considered a lightweight and portable kayak. 

Carrying Capacity

Since you are looking at a fishing kayak that can accommodate at least 2 persons or more, its weight capacity becomes crucial. If it can’t carry the weight of two adults, then what’s the necessity of buying the kayak? 

With all these importance described, let’s see what you should look at for the carrying capacity. First, consider how much weight the kayak can carry. Ideally, most kayaks can carry from 400lbs to 450lbs mostly.

However, some high-end kayaks, such as the Qianglin 10ft Inflatable Boat Touring Kayak, can carry up to 700 lbs. 

Also, check the storage facility of the vessel. Airtight compartments, mountable chambers with bungee cords, and a carry bag with latches will benefit you in carrying fishing and personal accessories. Also, some kayaks may offer space for mounting GPS fish finders, fishing rod holders, etc. 

Stability and Comfort

Stability and comfort play a high role in kayak fishing. If the kayak isn’t stable, you won’t feel confident to fish on it. Also, some kayaks are so stable that you may even stand on them and cast your fishing line at ease. 

When you can stand on the kayak, it not only improves your casting accuracy but also allows you to read the water properly. Thus, your chance of fishing increases significantly. 

Next, you must not ignore the comfort. It depends on the seating arrangement. Kayaks with EVA padded foam for seats and breathability will offer top-notch comfort.

Furthermore, seats with a backrest and adjustable footrest will add to your overall comfort. 

Self-Baling Facility

At times you might have to go to the deepest part of the river or kayaks or to the ocean to find the hotspots for fishing. You have to go through the whitewater to reach those fishing spots. However, not all kayaks may afford to pitch through the whitewater. 

If you are an enthusiast about pitching through whitewater, you should look at a kayak with self-bailing ability. Kayaks with self-bailing can retreat the water that accumulates on the floor when you surf through the water to reach the fish. 

When you know the water will be bailed out of the kayak automatically, you can focus more on getting some prized catch. 

Length and Width

When you want a kayak for 2 persons, its width and length become crucial. The kayak should be at least 10ft in length. However, the longer the kayak, the better it will be.

Some kayaks on our list are as long as 12ft to 13dt. Also, these kayaks provide enough width to allow both anglers to sit comfortably and fish with greater stability. 

Pricing and Additional Accessories

Kayak’s price can go from $100 to $1000 or even more. It depends on the construction quality; additional accessories provide seat quality, etc. Thus, you have to determine your budget and choose the kayak accordingly. 

Also, check the number of accessories the kayak package offers. Most kayaks won’t offer air pumps, fishing rod holders, and paddles.

You need to buy them separately. Nonetheless, some kayaks, as in our list, will provide you with these essential accessories. It will be a great bonus for you. 

How to Choose an Inflatable Kayak

Top Three Recommendations 

Fishing kayaks have made angling much easier than it was a few decades ago. However, not all kayaks are made for 2 persons. Hence, we have researched the market and included eight top inflatable fishing kayaks for 2 persons to sit comfortably and enjoy their fishing. 

Our top recommendation is the Sevylor Coleman Colorado. At 10.5ft in length and more than 3ft in width, this fishing kayak provides you with the best imaginable comfort. The construction is sturdy with a leak-proof design.

Also, the fishing kayak is easy to navigate both in a straight direction and for turns. Above all, the kayak offers an affordable price without compromising on quality. 

Next, you may look at the Qianglin 10ft Inflatable Boat Touring Kayak. This kayak has the widest platform with the standard 10ft length. If you are interested in group fishing and some recreational fun, this kayak with enough space for 4 people is your best bet.

On top of it, the boat has an unthinkable 700 lbs of carrying capacity, which makes it literally the beast. The only drawback of this fishing kayak is its size. Even after defeating the kayak, you might find it a little difficult to fit it inside the car. 

Our last recommendation for the best inflatable fishing kayak for two people is the Lifetime Two-Person Tandem Fishing Kayak. It comes with a sporty look that instantly grabs the attention of all. Apart from the look, this kayak also features some high-end benefits.

From the HDPE construction to the 500 lbs carrying capacity, this kayak has everything you want. Also, its narrow shape facilitates better easy navigation. It is also a good option for those who love speed on the water. 

Fishing with dog

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I really use the inflatable kayak for fishing? 

Inflatable kayaks are indeed pretty useful for fishing. These kayaks come with multiple air chambers to offer better stability on the water.

Also, while deflated, the kayak is easy to carry. So, you can quickly transport it to your favorite fishing location. 

What is the most durable and long-lasting inflatable fishing kayak? 

We have already mentioned eight top-quality inflatable fishing kayaks with seating arrangements for 2 persons. These kayaks are long-lasting and durable with puncture-resistant PVC construction.

You may also look at Intex Challenger, Sea Eagle Pro, or Sevylor Quikpak kayaks for durability. 

Are inflatable kayaks usable with a motor? 

Yes, inflatable kayaks are designed to work with motors for fishing in deep water. However, you have to look at the individual models of kayaks to see if they can be connected to the motor.

Many kayak manufacturers will suggest you attach the motor. These kayaks will label the motor attachment facility on the packaging. 


Inflatable fishing kayaks have made a revolution in the fishing industry. You can use it for self-indulgent or group kayak angling.

But when you want to go fishing with your favorite person, getting the best inflatable fishing kayak for 2 people is the best bet. 

Nonetheless, it is requested that you follow our kayak cleaning and maintenance guidelines to expand the lifespan of the kayak. Rejoice!