Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak Review (Best for kids)

Last Updated on September 24, 2021

The lifetime youth wave kayak is a great sit-on-top kayak for kids from 5 to 15 years old that takes a few minutes to maneuver in the water, durable and lightweight, effective stability and balance knows no bounds.

Lifetime manufacturers realized the fact that there are few kayaks for kids and teenagers. So, they focused on making kayaks for the kids. However, they succeed in their events.  

You see the kids having kayaking on the water; you must have asked them if the kayak is the lifetime youth or not. This is the impact of the kayak manufacturer. But, here, we didn’t come to praise the manufacturer but to review this lifetime kayak.  

The ergonomic cockpit design allows the kayaker to have a smooth balance. The molded finger handles on each side of the kayak leave the riders easy to deal with transport issues. Also, a reverse chine attached with a kayak enhances stability for swimming up steps.  

The manufacturer constructed the kayak with high-density polyethylene that makes it durable and robust. It is UV-protected; thus, it won’t fade, crack or peel. The interior design and construction make it compact and lightweight. That is why you will find it so easy to carry.  

Additionally, this lifetime wave 6 youth pink kayak includes a twin-fin design that helps you in flawless tracking and surf riding.  

On top of these, the lifetime wave kayak never backs off from providing the easiness to bend the legs. Multiple footrest positions are given for different size kayakers.  

Consumers never reported anything on this kayak, though few said that the kayak is hard to tip over, it won’t sink. It is best for the new learners as well as intermediate kid kayakers. A great choice will be if one wants to kayak in a lake.  

Know the specification and features of lifetime youth wave

Ideal Paddling AreaLakes or calm rivers
StructureRigid or Hard Shell
Ideal Paddler SizeKids, small children with adult supervision, or adults
Seating ConfigurationSolo
Cockpit TypeSit on Top or Open Cockpit
Weight Capacity130lbs
Warranty5 Years
Length6ft (182.8 cm)
Width24in (60.9 cm)

Top 10 Features of the Lifetime Wave Youth Kayak

  1. Ergonomic Cockpit Design  
  2. Molded finger handles on each side of the kayak 
  3. Reverse Chine for enhanced stability with swim-up step 
  4. Lightweight and easy maneuver 
  5. Recommended for Ages 5 and Up with Adult Supervision  
  6. Different footrest positions for different kayakers to adjust
  7. Fun color for kids
  8. For tracking, it comes up with a twin-fin design
  9. The flip resistant hull design for stable performance and difficult to capsize
  10. Scupper hole is self-bailing ( Don’t worry about drain water from cockpit area)

Included: A starter kayak paddle included with lifetime youth wave


  • Perfectly designed for kids. 
  • Strong and durable 
  • Lightweight and easy maneuver 
  • Swim-up step feature  


  • Taller kids may not sustain the pain from bending much time if the trip is longer.  

Clear some doubts about the youth wave

Many of those beginner kayakers heard that they can add extra seats with youth waves. Yes, it is possible but not recommended, because this kayak is not made the way you think.

If you dare to add a seat think twice and verify that it is lightweight and of course doesn’t exceed the weight capacity. If you can’t find the toggle handle just check it out in the front also a paddle holder there.

Is lifetime kayak brand trustworthy?

Definitely, lifetime brand makes it places in the top list among kayak brands in the market. Their kayaks are more reliable, when it comes to stable ability this brand is the boss of all.

All of the kayaks are made of tough blow-molded polyethylene plastic. They focus on lakes kayaking, recreational design for calm water like rivers, attractive design with UV protection for kids and teenagers.

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