Best Kayak Rod Holder

Kayak rods are a great way to relax while on the water. This is because they can provide you with a lot of fishing time without being in constant motion.

Rod holders are the perfect solution for storing your rods while paddling, giving you more control and efficiency. The rod holder can be mounted onto your kayak or paddleboard so that it is always close by when needed.

A kayak rod holder is a mandatory accessory for fishing. Let’s look into the top 3 kayak rod holders along with their pros & cons.

Best kayak rod holder

1. RAILBLAZA Rod Holder 

Railblaza Rod Holder

Rail Blaza may not be a popular name among fishers and anglers. But, it produces some of the best fishing rod holders you will ever see. And this rod holder from Rail Blaza truly upholds some of the unique benefits an angler would want in his fishing accessory.  

To begin with, the rod holder pack comes with 4 items. So, you can transform your entire kayak or fishing boat into a fishing machine soon with this rod holder.

Also, it has a universal setup. So, it is easily compatible with conventional and flies fishing reels. Plus, you can use it with baitcasting and spinning fishing reels. 

Plus, it also fits in with other accessories, which we have described later in the review.  

Therefore, you can use the rod holder with any type of reel, irrespective of your fishing style. Plus, it has a super-responsive mechanism which makes it an ideal choice even for novice anglers. 

Fishers worldwide appreciate its sturdy and rugged built quality too. It is made using rugged polyvinyl material, which is durable enough for several years of use. Thus, you won’t have to invest in a second-rod holder soon.  

The package includes SidePort mounting trace loader. You can use the thumbscrews to install the rod holder on aluminum track boats and kayaks. It should fit with most brands available in the market.

Its mounting top is on the top. You can use it to fit cameras, fish finders, and navigation lights. So, the rod holder will serve as a versatile tool.  

You can click the side lock to bring out the rod holder. It is further used to hold any beverage holder, fish finder, or fish fillets. Plus, you can use it with all Rail Blaza accessories.

Next, it has a universal leash attachment facility thanks to its t-bolts. Lastly, the t-bolt is adjustable 360 degrees with a 90-degree vertical alignment. So, you can adjust the fishing rod holder to any angle to meet your fishing comfort at ease.  


  • Its universal compatibility will fit all track boats  
  • Versatile use with top mounting port  
  • It comes with everything for quick installation  
  • Adjustable tilts will stop rotational moves 


  • Not means for fishing in oceans or big fishes  

Key Specifications

  • Material: Polyvinyl  
  • Pack: 4-rod holders  
  • Weight: 3.36 pounds  
  • Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 6 inches 


Whether you love baitcasting or spin fishing, this rod holder will allow you to enjoy big catches. Also, its side port is suable to hold beverages or fish finders.  

2. Top Rated: HITORHIKE Fishing Rod Holder 

HITORHIKE Fishing Rod Holder

Kayak fishing is popular among anglers because of its easiness and fun. You can elevate the comfort of your kayak fishing to the next level with this rod holder from HITORHIKE.

The brand is popular among anglers for its ultra-durable and crash-resistant products, and the same goes for this rod holder. You will love its usability and universal application.  

Yes, the rod holder is compatible with all spinning, baitcasting, and fly fishing reels. You can enjoy your favorite fishing while sitting on the kayak or gunner boat.

Also, you can adjust the rod holder in both vertical and horizontal positions respectively at 90-degree and 360-degree angles. So, you can cope with the fish movements better with its adjustability.  

The rod holder is made using ABS plastic with high-impact capacity. So, it will withstand rough waters and easily hold up against the big fish. It means you can take the rod holder for fishing deep into large rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans.

Also, it features an anti-corrosion and scratch-resistant design. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get a durable performance.  

Plus, installing the rod holder is a brisk task. You only need to mount it on the holder with the rail mount using a thumbscrew. You won’t have to drill any holes additionally. 

It also comes with an easy-to-understand user guide which makes installing and using the rod holder even easier. Its package includes two fishing rod holders and rail mounts. So, you won’t have to buy any accessories separately either.  

Last but not least, you can use its different versions for beverage holders, camera mounts, and fish finders to make your kayak fishing sessions fun and memorable.  


  • It features high-impact and corrosion-resistant construction.  
  • Universal fitting with vertical and horizontal adjustability  
  • Easy installation with the user guide and includes accessories  


  • The screw gets into the kayak too long and makes removal difficult  

Key Specifications

  • Material: ABS Plastic  
  • Pack: 2 rod holders  
  • Weight: 2.16 pounds  
  • Accessories: Included  


The eco-friendly kayak fishing rod holder is made with high-impact material. It is usable in seas, oceans, and lakes to catch big fish at ease. Also, its durable performance is top-notch.  

3. YAK ATTACK Omega Rod Holder 

YAKATTACK Omega Rod Holder

YAK ATTACK was established in 2009 as a small family manufacturer. Within the next few years, it becomes one of the kayak fishing industry leaders specializing in kayak rigging and gears to elevate anglers’ comfort and fun.  

As part of their promise to anglers, they bring this Omega rod holder for anglers. The rod holder is made using Abs plastic with a high-impact facility. It would easily withstand harsh water conditions and abuses for durable performance.  

Next, you will love its adjustability and multiple modes. It allows you to access the fishing rod as soon as possible when need be if you sense any fish bites. You can adjust the fishing rod holder 360 degrees thanks to its rotating collar.

You can adjust it both vertically and horizontally. Also, different modes of adjustment offer highly responsive mechanisms. Hence, you can better detect the fish bites on the reel and catch them with ease.  

Furthermore, the fishing rod holder is compatible with spinning, baitcasting, fly fishing, and traditional reels. It means the Omega rod holder is made for all anglers, no matter what style of fishing they love.

Also, you can mount the rod holder with most kayak and gunner boat models to transform it into a fishing machine shortly.  

Another benefit of this rod holder is its ability to hold the spinning reel downward instead of hanging it sideways. Since the downward position is natural, you will find the spinning reel application smooth and comfortable.  

Last but least, when used with Lock N Load mounting, this offers one of the best tracking systems. Also, it is durable yet lightweight. It means using the rod holder is easier than most fishers actually think.

Hence, you will appreciate its performance and also reasonable pricing.  


  • Highly responsive and universal fishing rod holder for all anglers  
  • Outstanding adjustability and multiple modes for all angles  
  • Lightweight and high-impact design will withstand extreme abuses  


  • It doesn’t include any mounting accessories  

Key Specifications

  • Material: ABS Plastic  
  • Pack: 21rod holder  
  • Weight:  0.01 Pounds 
  • Color: Black  


We recommend you use the Omega rod holder with Lock and Load mounting for the best outputs. It is suitable for fishing in both inland water bodies and oceans.