Best Kayak Handle for Beginners

Finding the perfect kayak handle can be difficult and it is understandable that many people do not know what to look for.

However, it is important to figure out what you want and need before you buy a kayak handle because they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors.

There are pros and cons to each type but one really cannot go wrong with purchasing a removable kayak handle.

The two key benefits of kayak handle are:

  • Making the kayak easier to maneuver
  • Decreases paddling difficulty

1. Occult Heavy-Duty Kayak Handles 

Occult Kayak Handles

If you want the best aftermarket kayak handles, you must not look further than the Occult kayak handles. It is made to withstand heavy-duty applications.

It means you can confidently attach the carry handles with the heavyweight kayaks and transport them handheld to any fishing and kayaking locations easily. It is strong enough to withstand the weight of commercial kayaks as well.  

The kayak is sleek and attractive. It, thus, enhances your kayak look to a whole new level. Its matte black finish combines with the black rope to give it a unique look.

Plus, the black finish will suit all kayak designs without any problem. You can use the handles to carry the canoe and sea kayaks too. So, you are never short of options with these great handles.  

The handles are made with premium polycarbonate material with rust and corrosion-proof coating. It will, therefore, easily withstand the harsh water condition both inland and marine land.

Also, its rope is made from premium material without any bulkiness. So, attaching the handles using the rope straps will feel like a brisk task.  

Expert kayakers also appreciated its easy attaching facility. It is beneficial for beginners who might find connecting handles with their vessels somewhat difficult. It only requires three steps to attach the handle to the mounting location on a kayak. 

Once you fasten the rope with your vessel, you will need to tie the strap with the handle as it goes through the hole. It won’t need expertise at all. Plus, you may complete the entire process in less than a minute.  

For carrying convenience, the handle features proper ergonomics as well. Each handle has two conclave notches for comfortable carrying.

On top of it, the handle features rounded edges and a ribbed finger placement facility. Its rounded edges will protect fingers from any scratches and cuts.  

Hence, the overall kayak transporting facility with these handles should be fun. You will love taking your kayak to the right spot from cars without any issues anymore.  


  • Heavy-duty construction to carry all kayaks  
  • Ergonomic and safe carry handle design  
  • Quick and easy attachment possible within minutes  
  • Sleek design upholds kayak’s classic look  


  • The handle size is a little on the shorter side  

Key Specifications

  • Pack: 2 handles  
  • Material: Premium polycarbonate  
  • Weight: 0.64 ounces  
  • Dimension: 4.02 x 0.98 x 5.98 inches 


Although the kayak handle pair is made for heavy-duty applications, we recommend using it to carry medium kayaks. It may not be a good option for long kayaks.  

2. YXGOOD Kayaks Side Mount Carry Handle 

Alternative: Pelican Sport – Kayak Handles Kit

Pelican Sport Kayak Handles Kit

The 4-piece of spare kayak handle is made for carrying heavier kayaks from your car to the right fishing and kayaking spot.

You will enjoy how simple kayak carrying becomes with these aftermarket kayak handles. You will love spending holidays on the kayak thanks to such an effortless carrying experience.  

For durability and heavy-duty applications, the kayak handles use premium materials. It is made using nylon and rubber. The nylon portion creates the handle core and offers maximum durability.

Also, the rubber covers the nylon and offers the next level of durability. Also, the rubber-made handling portion is anti-slip. It means the handle is less likely to slip off from hands even if they are wet.

It is a great benefit since many kayakers experience minor foot injuries due to their kayak slipping off and falling on their feet as they carry it to their fishing spot.  

The handle is slightly grooved. This resembles human gripping. Hence, it offers maximum ergonomics. So, pulling and carrying kayaks will become further easy. It even comes with a thick rubber band. It allows kayakers to fit paddles which are essential for comfy boating.  

Last but not least, the carry handle pack includes everything necessary for mounting the handle on the kayak. It includes stainless steel nuts and screws along with J-hooks. You will only need to drill the hole and mount the handle using the screws.

The entire process shouldn’t take more than 2-3 minutes, so, it is pretty fast.  Since it offers a side mounting facility, it doesn’t need any space either on the kayak, which many handles don’t have.  


  • A humanized and anti-slip grip provides maximum comfort  
  • Quick side mounting option for easy installation  
  • Bungee cord allows you to carry kayak paddles easily   
  • Larger handles are suitable for carrying large kayaks and canoes  


  • The screws will get loose soon; this needs improvement  

Key Specifications

  • Pack: 4 handles  
  • Material: Premium nylon and rubber  
  • Weight: 16.40oz 
  • Dimension: 7.6 x 5.28 x 2.09 inches 


The YXGOOD carry handle for the kayak is an excellent option. It is anti-slip and also features an elastic cord. You can use the cord to attach kayak paddles too.  

3. Zelerdo 4 Pack Kayak Carry Pull Handle 

Zelerdo 4 Pack Kayak Carry Pull Handle

What do you have in your water vessel inventory? Do you have a kayak or a canoe? Or do you use a rubber dinghy or a traditional fishing boat? Whatever your preference may be, you can use this Zelerdo carry handle for all vessels.

So, you won’t have to worry about the type of vessel you have. The handle supports universal compatibility irrespective of brands and models of kayaks as well.  

You can use the carry handles to confidently transport your kayak from the car to the kayaking spot and vice versa. The handle is strong enough to withstand loads of heavyweight kayaks.

For durability, it is made using high-impact polyethylene or plastic. Hence, it should withstand abuses in harsh conditions to offer you a long-lasting service. 

On top of it, the handle also has an attached bungee cord. The braided cord allows you to hold the handle comfortably. You may even use it to attach the paddles if need be.  

Its t-shape design is ergonomic and non-slip. Thus, the handle won’t fall off from hands even during wet conditions. It makes kayak carrying and pulling easier than you might anticipate.  

Another benefit of this outstanding kayak handle is its easy and comfy installation. First off, you get everything inside the package to mount the handles on the kayak sides. You will need to drill holes right where you want to mount the handles.

Thus, tighten the handle using the screws, and off you go for effortless portability.  

The handles are sturdy enough to carry larger kayaks. Plus, you get four handles that better suit carrying loaded kayaks. We recommend you take help from another person to experience an effortless kayak transporting session with this t-handle.  


  • Extremely durable and ergonomic kayak t-handles  
  • Universal compatibility with easy mounting options  
  • Braided cord offers comfortable and anti-slip grip  


  • The screws catch rust over the time  

Key Specifications

  • Pack: 4 handles  
  • Material: High-impact plastic  
  • Weight: 8.0 ounces  
  • Dimension: 5.2 x 3.9 x 1.2 inches 


If you want premium to-carry handles at affordable pricing, this package of Zelerdo will surely be the best bet we can offer. It is durable and ergonomic, and ideal for all vessels.  

4. Anndason 4 PCS Kayak Canoe Carry Handle 

Anndason 4 PCS Kayak Canoe Carry Handle

This is another great carry handle for canoes, boats, and kayaks that deservedly found its place in our review list. The carry handle supports universal compatibility. It means the handle will swiftly fit in with all kayaks, canoe boats, dinghies, and other kinds of vessels.

Also, with sturdy and rugged built quality, the carry handle is ready to take the load of the heaviest kayak.  

You can use it with the existing handle of the kayaks or simply use it as a replacement option. It is one of the best aftermarket kayaks that carry handles that you may get for the money.

What’s more, the kayak handles offer supreme durability and carrying comfort despite being an affordable option. The handles are made of plastic. It has high impact and corrosion resistance. So, the handles will withstand abuses even in the harshest conditions with ease.  

Also, the t-shape handle facilitates a comfy bungee cord. It permits you to hold the handle to carry the kayak from cars to kayaking and fishing spot. The cord is strong enough to withstand the weight of a fully-loaded kayak even.

Plus, the cord is thickened, so you won’t feel the pain to hold it. It has the right amount of ergonomics for an effortless kayak-carrying experience.  

You can use its deck loop or pad eye to attach the carry handle to the watercraft. You can mount it on the bow or stern at ease. Thus, mounting the handle to a kayak or other vessel is easy too. It is a great benefit for novice kayakers since they have the least knowledge of setups.

Finally, this pack of 4 carry handles should elevate your weekend tour experiences to the next level with family and friends with durable design and ergonomics.  


  • High-impact and durable watercraft-carrying vessel  
  • Quick and easy installation on kayak stern or bow  
  • Bungee cord offers a comfortable carrying experience  


  • Not meant for larger and weighty kayaks  

Key Specifications

  • Pack: 4 handles  
  • Material: High-impact plastic  
  • Weight: 8.1 ounces  
  • Dimension: ‎ 6.5 x 4.5 x 2 inches 


The 4 pieces of carrying handle will best suit light to medium-duty vessels. You should get satisfactory and lasting performance from these handles both in marine and inland waterways.