42 Safest Kayaking and Camping Places in the USA

The outdoors is typically a place where people reconnect with nature. It can also be an escape from the chaotic grind of life in the city. Some people, find their “happy place” when they are out on the water or sitting up at the top of a tree.

However, camping and kayaking can also lead to problems if you don’t know how to properly prepare for your trip.

Some people like to enjoy the more scenic areas of the world, while some people like to get away from it all and go camping. Either way, some places offer a better environment for both of these activities than others.

The article will explore some of the safest kayaking and camping places in the USA. These include places with high levels of biodiversity, without people intruding on nature, and limits on commercialization.

All these factors make these locations very safe for a kayaker or a camper attempting to get away from it all. Also includes a list of places in Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia that have kayaking and camping spots worth exploring.

Kayaking and Camping in Florida

Florida is the most unique state in the country. Aside from its own cultures, it has a diverse geographical landscape which creates an ideal environment for outdoor activities. With the Gulf of Mexico on one coast, the Atlantic Ocean on the other, and plenty of lakes scattered throughout, there is no shortage of places to kayak or camp.

The Florida-Georgia line separates two great states that are often overlooked when it comes to outdoor activities.

Florida offers many beautiful waterways for kayaking, as well as numerous state parks to explore. From the breathtaking Everglades National Park to the world-famous Big Cypress National Preserve, there is an activity available for everyone!

Kayaking In Florida

13 Safest Places to Kayaking and Camping in Florida

  1. Silver Springs State Park
  2. Juniper Springs Recreation Area
  3. Hillsborough River State Park
  4. Withlacoochee State Forest
  5. Weeki Wachee Springs State Park
  6. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park
  7. Myakka River State Park
  8. Cayo Costa State Park
  9. Grayton Beach State Park
  10. Anastasia State Park
  11. Collier-Seminole State Park
  12. Bahia Honda State Park
  13. Wekiwa Springs State Park

Kayaking and Camping in North Carolina

Kayaking and Camping in North Carolina are both activities that are becoming more popular as people search for ways to reconnect with the natural world. The state of North Carolina has an abundance of both kayaking locations and campgrounds-perfect for any nature lover’s desires!

North Carolina has many opportunities to do both; from coastal kayaking on the Outer Banks to paddling the mountain streams of the Appalachian Mountains, there’s something for everyone.

The first step should be finding a place to set up your campsite and even though you think you may want to sleep in a tent, it’s always good to have a plan B.

6 Safest Places to Kayaking and Camping in North Carolina

  1. Cheraw State Park
  2. Devils Fork State Park
  3. Keowee-Toxaway State Park
  4. Hammocks Beach
  5. Merchants Millpond State Park
  6. New River State Park

Kayaking and Camping in Michigan

Kayaking and camping in Michigan is a great way for families to enjoy nature, be out there with nature, or spend time together. People will enjoy the views provided by the different bodies of water that are located in Michigan.

Camping can be a fun activity for people of all ages, and there are many diverse campsites to choose from. It’s also a great opportunity to explore different regions of the state, as well as being an economical way to visit tourist-heavy areas such as Mackinac Island or traverse through inland waterways.

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy all that natural beauty, why not try kayaking and camping in the Upper Peninsula? The Upper Peninsula has over 100 lakes and rivers as well as four National Parks. There is even an aquatic trail that will take you from Lake Superior to Lake Huron.

10 Safest Places to Kayaking and Camping in Michigan

  1. Proud Lake Area
  2. Ludington State Park
  3. Waterloo
  4. Indian Lake State Park
  5. Island Lake
  6. Craig Lake 
  7. Hartwick Pines State Park
  8. Jellystone Park
  9. North Higgins Lake State Park
  10. Riverpark Campground

Kayaking and Camping in Ohio

Kayaking and camping in Ohio offer an excellent opportunity to blend the natural environment with the country’s history. With over 100,000 miles of streams and rivers, Ohio is one of the most popular destinations for kayaking enthusiasts.

Here, you can enjoy exploring untouched wilderness areas, wildlife sightings, waterfalls, geologic wonders, and more.

There are many places in Ohio to enjoy this combination, including Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Maumee Bay State Park, Cook Forest State Park, and Hocking Hills State Park.

Campers should plan to bring their own food because there are no campgrounds that allow cooking.

5 Safest Places to Kayaking and Camping in Ohio

  1. Hocking River
  2. Great Miami River
  3. Mad River
  4. Tuscarawas River
  5. Cuyahogo River

Kayaking and Camping in Georgia

Georgia is a beautiful state filled with rivers, lakes, and mountains. The south-central part of the state is home to Lake Lanier. Some people like to kayak and camp on the lake.

Kayakers can enjoy exploring Georgia’s scenic waterways and camping enthusiasts can enjoy Georgia’s natural beauty. Georgia is a great place for an outdoorsy person to spend some time exploring nature!

Campers in Georgia have an amazing variety of landscapes to choose from when looking for a location in which they would like to set up their tent in order to spend some time outside with friends or family members.

There are many rivers and lakes in the state and it is home to the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, which contains 2,000 acres of water. The best time to go kayaking in Georgia is during the summer months when the temperatures are warmer and there is less chance of rain. If you prefer camping, then head out to one of Georgia’s many state parks.

8 Safest Places to Kayaking and Camping in Georgia

  1. Chattahoochee Bend State Park
  2. Crooked River State Park
  3. George L. Smith Park
  4. Altamaha River
  5. Augusta Canal
  6. Flint River
  7. Reed Bingham State Park
  8. Stephen C. Foster State Park

In conclusion, it is important to be mindful of the natural hazards that may occur when kayaking or camping in any location. Areas that are close to large bodies of water should be avoided, and it is best to stay away from extreme cold weather.

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